A ‘Zombies Only’ Speakeasy is headed to ‘iZombie’


Brains anyone?

Every supernatural/fantasy based show (especially teen oriented) has a cool bar or coffee shop in which your favorite mythical creatures/the occasional human hang out most of the time. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had The Bronze, H2O had the Juicenet Cafe, and The Vampire Diaries had The Mystic Grill. Soon, the ever-growing zombie population in Seattle on the CW’s iZombie will have: The Scratching Post.

Show-runner extraordinaire of the show, Rob Thomas, exclusively shared with Entertainment Weekly all about the new zombie joint. “The number of zombies in Seattle is going up at an alarming rate, and it’s high time someone capitalized on the un-dead’s desire to socialize with their own kind,” Thomas explained.

The Scratching Post will be a speakeasy. Zombies can get heaps amounts of hot sauce without being judged with any brain of their choosing! (At least I hope so.) “We originally named the establishment Coldcock’s,” Thomas continued. “but apparently that’s the name of a brand of booze, so we settled on our second choice, The Scratching Post. It’s a speakeasy where one needs to be able to eat a ghost pepper without flinching to be allowed in, but once inside, brains and hot sauces from around the world are available for the discriminating zombie.”


Credit: Entertainment Weekly/The CW

Concept art of the zombies-only joint has also been released! Yes! I can already picture the character development and story arcs that will appear in this place. I can’t decide who I want to work at this establishment more, Ravi, Major, or Blaine (original Blaine, not memory-less Blaine).

What are your thoughts on the new iZombie location?



iZombie‘s third season airs mid-season in early 2017 on the CW.


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