Daredevil Takes Chicago

With An Accent was lucky enough to be in attendance when the cast of Netflix’s Daredevil took Chicago Wizard World by storm this weekend. The only noticeably absent cast member was John Bernthal. The Punisher canceled due to filming obligations. It’s been nearly a year since the cast wrapped Daredevil’s season two, and no new script is in sight.

“I’m as curious as the rest of you,” Deborah Ann Woll noted. “This is a really good time for us to come because we don’t have any more information than the rest of youCast at Chicago Wizard World, so we can’t screw ourselves over.” she added.

“We don’t know anything,” Elodie Yung affirmed. Don’t worry – even though no spoilers were shared, some hopes were.

However, some behind-the-scenes secrets were shared. Always apparent on Elden Henson’s mind is the gas that Charlie Cox emits when drinking protein shakes. And the fact that the makeup crew keeps threatening him if he gets another tattoo they have to cover. While Charlie Cox continued to give Henson flack about his inability to learn lines.

Cox did reveal the difficulty in playing a blind man who really isn’t blind. “It’s surprisingly challenging and continues to be,” he confessed. “The most difficulty isn’t necessarily what I do with my eyes,” Cox continued. Playing a character who has super senses is harder than one would expect in front of those who know about Matt’s ability: “He would never have to pretend to find something on a table, he would never have to search for something with his hands,” he let on.

Cast at Chicago Wizard World

“It’s really tricky when it comes to filming,” Cox concluded. “I’m trying to have a conversation here and not look at the needle that is going through their skin,” he explained. Yung even informed the crowd that he got her several times while trying to stitch her up. Rosario Dawson let us in on how they make it look so natural: in season one when Claire throws the sweater at Matt, they had someone in front of Cox watching Dawson pick up the sweater and counting down so that Cox was able to catch it.

In regards to the next season, even though nothing is known to the cast, everyone seemed to be on board and even be wishful for an appearance from Bullseye. “I would love to see Bullseye into the show,” Cox proclaimed, appearing to be an avid fan of the comics and potential story lines they could pick from. “I’m hoping down the line it will lead Karen to reveal her own secrets” Woll said. While Elodie just hopes to come back: “I would love to die many times,” she confessed hopefully.