Daredevil, Claire, and Hopes for The Defenders

With Luke Cage finished filming, Iron Fist currently filming, The Defenders in the distant future, and season 3 of Daredevil in the more distant future, a lot is about to change for our favorite Netflix Marvel heroes. It’s apparent for all of them as they prepare for upcoming scenes and seasons. The possibilities for Daredevil are endless: “season two was left so open ended so it’s so hard to know,” Charlie Cox said when asked about it at Chicago Wizard World this weekend. Once again, With An Accent was lucky to be there in person to hear what he and fellow cast member Rosario Dawson had to say about the future of Netflix’s Marvel series.

“What we saw in terms of Matt and Daredevil with Matt’s journey that he’s on, we get to the end Daredevil at Chicagoof season two and he really fades and nothing really kind of works out in the end,” he recalled of his character’s development. Cox went on to explain where Matt can only go: “I think one of the reasons that has to happen is that going into the Defenders Matt is going to have to learn that he needs help, that he can’t do all this alone,” he said.

For Rosario Dawson, her character development is a bit more muddled. She wasn’t aware that she would transcend the Netflix Marvel universe when she signed on: “I’ve been signing on every year on its own,” she revealed. “When I sign up, I sign up for episodes but they don’t tell me which shows,” explained Dawson. It doesn’t allow for much continuity for her: “I just have this question mark for the whole year,” she added. It seems Dawson doesn’t even see scripts for episodes other than the ones she’s in, and so she has to find out what is going on through watching the show. “My character’s sort of a little standalone in that sense, because I come in on those particular moments that need to be helping a situation, so I don’t really know everything that got us there,” she added.

Charlie talking about the DefendersIt even seems that some of the shows might have intermingling time lines rather than be in one continuous time line. Cox cited the cut on Claire’s eyebrow in this past season. Apparently she acquired the cut while with Luke Cage, yet we have already seen the day after. Cox and Dawson think it’s actually really neat: “somehow at some point in that show the next day she’s in the hospital talking to me,” exclaimed Cox.

Cox seems even to be on board for a little hand to hand combat with Kilgrave, “I’d love to know how that would pan out,” he said with a smile. Clearly he’s a fan of David Tennant, as Cox praised his acting. “That could be our musical episode,” Dawson suggested, “Kilgrave could make us all sing for him.”

As much as the thought of a Kilgrave appearance thrills Cox, the upcoming The Defenders does even more: Daredevil at Chicago“I’m so intrigued to see what that relationship is going to be like,” he said of the dynamic between Jessica Jones and Matt Murdock/Daredevil. “I mean like they could love each other, they could hate each other, I have no idea,” he laughed. “I think Danny Rand and Matt Murdock makes more sense to me,” he confessed, noting that they have more in common. Cox even thinks that Daredevil will take Danny under his wing. “I love the age difference,” he continued, noting why they would have a great relationship. Laughing, Cox ventured to say that the two differing attitudes between Danny and Daredevil and Jessica and Luke might be a bit apparent: “you guys do the wear-your-home-clothes-at-work thing, we’re in spandex ok,” he joked. One thing is for sure: “I’m excited about all those relationships,” he beamed, “I think Kristen Ritter is awesome so I can’t wait to work with her.”

After hearing how excited Cox and Dawson were at the convention this weekend I sure cannot wait to see what is up next for the connecting story lines. Luckily we have Luke Cage coming out in September to tide us over until Iron Fist and The Defenders come out.