Scream, S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

Scream S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

Last season finale of Scream was jam packed with deaths, exposition, and plot twists that most of us saw coming – but it was executed so perfectly we didn’t care. This season finale both continues certain plot points from last year and gives us some new surprises to freak out over.

Scream S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

“I told you we were gonna get caught back here, Audrey!”

We saw Emma and Audrey last, taking a not-so-joyride in a police car. That lasts only for a few seconds, just enough for them to try to plead their innocence to the deputy. Killer 2.0 doesn’t want to give up that easy; they want to keep playing their sick game. They make an accident occur, killing the deputy (you literally didn’t say anything, that’s how I knew you were going to die) and giving the girls the keys to leave. It’s interesting how at times we’re left wondering if the Killer is almost a twisted friend-then-foe (the former is taken very loosely obviously).
Because of everyone pointing the “murderer” finger at them, the girls are forced on the run. They can’t even go to a store without being recognized from a telecast!

Knowing this is the unmasking episode, we know the girls are going to make dumb decisions in order to finally become face to face with Killer 2.0. That would be telling them where they’re hiding out in: the movie theater where Audrey works. In fact the girls tell everyone, including the rest of the Lakewood Five. Noah discharges himself from the hospital (something he totally can’t do, but TV shows, am I right?) and Brooke goes, despite still mourning her father.

Scream S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

“Don’t watch any of the news! None of it’s true! That doesn’t even look like us.”

So stepping away from my usual recap writing style, let’s talk about how the Killer was (obviously) revealed. Only the Lakewood five have locked themselves in the theater. Stavo got “invited” from Brooke, but they don’t let him in, because sketchy (I liked the parallel of this with Branson being locked out in the last season finale). The only people in the theater are: Emma, Audrey, Brooke, Noah, and Kieran. Who hasn’t had anything happen to them this entire season? Who magically appears/disappears in nearly every episode? I’ll let you think about these things until I actually reveal the Killer. But, the second the gang went to the movie theater, I knew who our culprit was.
Killer 2.0 manages to get their gore-filled movie up on the big screen. Seeing Brooke and Noah watch their loved ones die: heartbreaking!

Trying to get the film off the screen, Emma turns the power off. This turns out in the Killer’s favor, who stabs Brooke in the dark. “Oh hell no!” I yell at my TV screen! I want more kills, but only people I don’t care about, okay? (That’s not how this show works, is it?) Actually, looking back, this episode could have used a kill or two – as did this whole season.

Scream S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

“Don’t look! It’s the spoilers for all the shows I haven’t watched yet!”

In all honesty, them severely injuring Brooke gave Gustavo and his Dad a touching moment. At the hospital, he’s beating himself up over the fact that he didn’t try harder to get in the theater to save her. Sheriff Acosta is there trying to figure out the killer’s identity, but stays to comfort his son. From suspecting Stavo was the killer this whole time to being there for him, I think you win ‘Father of the Year’ award (mainly because you’re the only living dad that’s in Lakewood now. Where are you Kevin Duval?). Noah interrupts their moment to casually mention that Eli’s the Killer and they need to arrest him ASAP!

It’s not Eli. Wanna know why? Because he’s already been a suspect by the show. Who have they not suspected at all this season? Scream, if you get renewed for a third season stay away from this formula, I’ve figured out every killer episodes before the reveal.

Emma is so ready to face her demons in the final showdown. After all, they’ve stabbed Brooke and captured Audrey; she’s the last of the final girl trio. Killer 2.0 has asked for her to come alone at Blessed Sister’s Children’s Home: where it all started for Piper. “You’ll never feel safe again,” they tease her. What show are you watching, dude? Her nickname is “final girl” for a reason.

Emma finds Audrey knocked out, bound to a chair, and the killer nowhere to be found. “It’s over!” Emma says while comforting Audrey. I have two requests for next season, writers: 1) More Emrey scenes, please (seeing how they’re basically canon and the focal point of the whole show, I don’t see this being a problem) 2) Quit having Audrey captured/injured off camera! What’s next?! She’s going to die off camera? Stop it!

Scream S2 E12- When a Stranger Calls

Please don’t make any sudden moves. You don’t know the half of the abuse.

They think it’s all over and done with; Kieran even shows up. “You will feel safe again, Emma,” Kieran tells Emma. She’s heard those words before; Emma does a double take to make sure she’s heard him right.

Kieran goes from beloved boyfriend to crazed psychopath in seconds. Long story short, Piper and Kieran were a duo killing machine, hellbent on killing the Duval family. But that all changed when Emma and Audrey killed Piper – now Kieran’s just seeking revenge.

Now, from a writer’s standpoint (not to mention a fan of everyone but Kieran) Kieran being the Killer makes sense. First: besides the last season finale, he hasn’t been suspected of being the Killer at all this season. Second: the only contribution he made to the series was “Emma’s boyfriend”. Third: him being the killer actually gives him character development. What are other people’s thoughts on this?

Needless to say, Emma and Audrey try to sacrifice themselves in order to save the other. But the two need each other to take this guy down. “How does it feel to be helpless? How does it feel to be hunted?” Emma yells as the trio play a game of cat and mice. The police arrive and Kieran, you’re going to be a first in the Scream franchise; a killer that doesn’t end up dead.

Emma and Audrey embrace (you think I’m making that up?) and all is well.

Three months later, Noah informs his Morgue listeners that Lakewood has been murder free. Let’s just get to the six-month mark and then we’ll talk, Noah. It appears Brooke is living with the Acosta’s, hooray for you Bravo shippers. Emma and Audrey are on one of many movie dates; they’re practically holding hands in the popcorn!

Meanwhile in prison, Kieran gets a call from a special someone. “Who said you could wear my mask?” Gasp! Brandon James, is that you? Either that or it’s the original killer; my bet’s on Kevin Duval.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Seth Branson/Palmer
  • Haley Meyers
  • Zoe Vaughn
  • Quinn Maddox
  • Eli Hudson(?) (1) Yes, he got shot a bunch, but we didn’t actually see a dead body 2) His fangirls and the writers will bring him back somehow)

What did everyone think of the Scream season 2 finale, 2.12: “When a Stranger Calls”

It’s been a pleasure writing these Scream recaps/reviews with you!
We don’t have to wait a year (or never if the show ends up getting cancelled) for new episodes! A 2-hour Halloween special is set to air in October on MTV.
During Scream‘s after show, Scream After Dark, they released a sneak peek of the special.

“A murderer? What’d you do, kill them with your good looks?” These prison guards are spot on and get my Kieran jokes! I like them. Unfortunately they’ll probably end up dead, thanks to our new masked foe (Killer 3.0?).

The murders and death never end in Lakewood, do they? See you guys in October!

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