Supergirl & Legends TCA Round-Up

DCTV producers brought plenty of nuggets to chew on to the TCA press tourLegends of Tomorrow‘s Phil Klemmer and Supergirl‘s Sarah Schechter joined Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg to answer questions.

The threat in Supergirl‘s premiere requires Kara to team up with Superman. The producers admitted they wanted to end last season with him, but too much was going on.

Melissa Benoist & Tyler Hoechlin filming 'Supergirl'

Melissa Benoist & Tyler Hoechlin filming ‘Supergirl’

However, Clark was always part of the plan. “She’s got a really famous cousin,” Schechter quipped. “We have to tell that story.”

Calista Flockhart’s decreased absence raised speculation, which producers addressed. “Part of what’s happening at the office is addressing Cat’s absence and who’s stepping up to the plate to take her place,” Kreisberg declared. The story revolves around figuring out how to fill her impressive shoes.

Legends, on the other hand, deals with the consequences of the team’s actions in the premiere. Klemmer hints that because the Time Masters disappeared, “all manner of time criminals have been unleashed across history.” Our heroes must now police the time stream themselves. How well will they handle it? He reiterated that the gang of misfits are the heart of the show. “They start caring for each other and that brings out a much more personal sense of heroism.” The next season will explore those bonds even further, of course.

Sharon Leal was cast as Miss Martian

Sharon Leal plays Miss Martian

Both shows offered important casting news. Sharon Leal will play M’gann M’orzz, also known as Miss Martian. Chris Wood is officially Mon-El, the answer to the mystery of the crashed pod. Legends of Tomorrow announced that Lance Henriksen will appear as Obsidian in episode 5.

The executive producers confirmed there will be a Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover in the back half of the season. Berlanti explained it will contain mostly pre-existing songs, but he hopes to write one original song per episode. “And [we’re] certainly happy to take requests throughout the year,” he joked. So if you know of a sisterly duet Kara and Alex can sing, contact @GBerlanti on twitter!

A significant DCTV character will be exploring their sexuality this season and coming out as gay. The show runners won’t reveal who, but Berlanti says, “We’re not trying to be coy about it. We really want the audience to enjoy the character development.” My personal guesses are Winn or Alex on Supergirl. Yours?

The conversation naturally turned towards diversity in the end. Kreisberg said everyone in the room was passionate about it. Several female directors – including DCTV veterans Millicent Shelton and Rachel Talalay – will direct episodes of Supergirl this season. “Women are not the minority. We’re actually the majority,” Schechter said. While every show increased their diversity behind the scenes, it was especially important for a show with a female lead. Sharon Leal’s casting suggests a commitment to diversity onscreen as well, and we hope that will continue.

The sky is the limit for CW’s super-themed shows this season. Every piece of news that comes out seems to top the last one. Is it October yet?