The Flash: Producers Reveal Details on Season Five’s Villainous Speedster

Savitar screenshot The Flash 3


During TCA’s Summer 2016 Press Tour the executive producers of The Flash gathered together to reveal some new information regarding the series’ upcoming third season. In set photos and a recent San Diego Comic-Con trailer, it was revealed that a new speedster would be facing off against Kid Flash in the new “Flashpoint” universe Barry Allen unwittingly created after altering the past. During the press tour, executive producer Todd Helbing confirmed that this speedster is Savitar.

. . . we announced that Dr. Alchemy was one of the two big bads this year. The other big bad is going to be Savitar, who is another speedster.

Initially created by writer Mark Waid and artist Oscar Jimenez, Savitar was first introduced as one of The Flash’s rogues in 1995’s The Flash #108. Traditionally a fighter pilot during the Cold War, Savitar gains his super speed during the testing of supersonic fighter jet which in turn was struck by lightning. Whether or not The Flash‘s third season will touch on this origin or come up with something new entirely is unconfirmed.

The Flash returns with new episodes Tuesday, October 4 at 8/7c on The CW. Feel free to let us know what you think of this latest character update or tell us what member of The Flash’s rogues gallery you would like to see pop up in season three below.