Dolph Lundgren Cast in Season Five of ‘Arrow’

dolph lundgren

Dolph Lundgren

As Arrow heads into its fifth season and goes into its fifth and final year of flashback sequences, we will see Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen make his way to Russia. Within the promo released during San Diego Comic-Con it was revealed that David Nykl, who appeared in seasons one and two, will be returning for season five in the Russian flashbacks sequences as Anatoly Knyazev, a.k.a. KGBeast. Details have been scarce on who Queen would go up against during his time in Russia. Now, after the executive producers of the series gathered together at the TCA’s Summer 2016 Press Tour, we at least know who will be playing Queen’s Russian nemesis.

During The CW panel Arrow executive producer Wendy Mericle revealed that Dolph Lundgren will play one of this season’s “big bads” during the flashbacks in Russia. Whether or not Lundgren is playing a character from DC Comics lore or a new character created for the series has not been revealed.

With a career that’s continued since the mid 80s, this wouldn’t be the first time Lundgren has offered himself to a comic book property, nor is it the first time he’s played a Russian antagonist. One of Lundgren’s most iconic roles was that of Drago, the Soviet boxer in Rocky IV, and Lundgren was also the first person to play Frank Castle/The Punisher in live action more than two decades before Jon Bernthal landed the role in Marvel’s Daredevil. Lundgren has always maintained an imposing appearance on screen and whomever he does play in season five will most likely be a formidable opponent for Queen to face off against.

What do you think of this latest casting update? Who from DC Comics would you like to see Lundgren play on the small screen? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Arrow returns with new episodes Wednesday, October 5 at 8/7c on The CW.