Scream, S2 E11- Heavenly Creatures

Scream S2 E11- Heavenly Creatures

Who’s still mourning Zoe’s loss? *Raises hand in the air* Who’s still freaking out over Audrey’s “you broke my heart” confession to Emma? *shoots hand up in the air so fast*. Will never not be over the love those two have for each other, platonic or not, to be honest.

Scream S2 E11- Heavenly Creatures

Aw, she’s so cute when she’s dreaming about Audrey, or probably dying from the Killer.

Late in the night, Killer 2.0’s felt they haven’t reached their quota in giving Emma hell, so they causally break into her house. The weird thing though? They don’t really do anything. Killer 2.0 just kind of looks around Emma’s room/house as if they’re getting decorating tips for their own abode. They take a peek at her dream journal, photos on her bulletin, and of course every Killer’s breaking and entering duty: watch their victim sleep.

Killer 2.0 doesn’t have much time to hang because Emma’s “Final Girl” senses are tingling and she senses an intruder. Fortunately for the Killer, they’re able to skedaddle, which ruins Sheriff Acosta’s attempts at finding anything.

Kieran shows up in a heartbeat to protect his girl in the early hours of the day. Who’s also up and just creepily sitting at the kitchen table when Kieran returns home? Eli. Dude, don’t do these kind of things when a Killer is out there, people might start to think you’re up to something.

Scream S2 E11- Heavenly Creatures

“Wait, this isn’t the Avatar the Last Airbender I wanted to download. This is the terrible movie!”

Audrey couldn’t be there for Emma that night; she has to play the role of both the best friend and motherly figure for Noah (Anyone else want to see more of their parents? Cause I definitely do). Noah’s a mess at the hospital. The Lakewood five try to give him all of his favorite things (horror movies, comic books, coffee) and he can’t have the coffee and wants to quit his love for horror entirely. In fact, he wants to do one final Morgue podcast and be done with it forever. No! We need your horror movie knowledge – it’s your only contribution to this show!

At Noah’s request, Audrey, Emma and Kieran take down his murder board (Brooke is doing what she usually does: flirting/boning Stavo and/or yelling at her terrible father). While taking down the board, they find some incriminating information on Eli unknown to Noah. Eli is shown at Will’s funeral in a newspaper clipping. I can’t tell what I’m laughing at more: that they can decipher Eli’s face in that paper or his actual expression in the photo.

Eli has that same expression when he comes home to find his Mom packing. Part of her deal with Mayor Maddox was to get the hell out of Lakewood after setting the housing development on fire. She’s loaded with cash now, so she’s a bit indifferent in hearing that her son wants to stay in this deadbeat (and body) town. Did anyone else think that the fire was the work of the Killer? I sure did. Or maybe, it was the work of the Killer! Tina, you just went on my suspect list! She could be Piper’s Mom and the whole thing could be very Scream 2. Thoughts?

Brooke decides that both she and Stavo need to quit avoiding their parents and face them like almost adults. If they can survive attacks from killers (more so Brooke, Stavo might just be the Killer), they can deal with stern talks from their parents. Courtesy of the music blaring in her room, Mayor Maddox thinks his daughter is already home. That would be Eli’s distraction for him while he snoops around his office. You’re looking shadier and shadier Eli.

Of course, Gustavo doesn’t head home. Instead he tries to convince Noah to continue the Morgue. Stavo explains that for some, the Morgue allows people to process death; he should know, that’s what he does with his drawings. A drawing of his was emailed to Noah as motivation. Combine that with the Zoah festival photo Audrey found for him, and the Morgue host is back! So next time Noah’s down in the dumps, just give him things with his face on it (apparently he’s vain like that).

Scream S2 E11- Heavenly Creatures

“Look at that fine head of hair. Maybe he’s born with it…”

Kieran, Audrey, and Emma are trying to get more clues on Eli being Killer 2.0/Piper’s accomplice. More like Kieran is, Emrey are just sitting in Audrey’s car. At least, Eli conveniently left out all of the things he took from Mr. Maddox’s house. And young Emma photos are under his pillow. Your cousin is so thoughtful, Kieran – making this easy for you so you have enough time to deep condition your hair. With the info they have on Eli, they hesitate on taking this to the police. Eli’s going to know for sure, so the girls have Kieran risk his life again to put all the evidence away. The girls get their hands dirty in this episode, don’t worry.

Noah did it! He completed a Morgue podcast. But just as he’s about to upload it, he’s hacked and another file is uploaded in its place. A video filled with evidence that Emma and Audrey are the killers. Audrey finding Jake’s body, Emma’s dream journal entries- things that were magically filmed or recorded for this! I’m laughing at the thought of the Killer trying to edit this and getting annoyed the program froze again. Naturally, the whole town sees it and are not Emrey’s number one fan. It’s cool girls, I am.

Scream S2 E11- Heavenly Creatures

Caught Red-Handed. Literally.

We don’t see Emma or Audrey’s initial reaction because they’re too busy checking out the Troy James pig farm. Like Miguel earlier, they find the Killer’s hideout. But this time, Emma’s dream journal is also visible. Audrey reads the dream where she stabbed all of her friends and looks at her like, “This is about me, but not in the way I thought it was going to be.”

They suddenly hear a car approach and are surprised to find it’s Mr. Maddox’s car. What’s he doing here? Dealing with another blackmailer, that’s what. Dude, you gotta get yourself out of these positions. Seeing how the Killer shows up and stabs him with a pitchfork, he won’t be dealing with blackmailers ever again.

Naturally, when Audrey and Emma head to the barn and try to help Mr. Maddox, the cops show up and they think they did it. It’s an arrest and police car ride to the station for you ladies.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Seth Branson/Palmer
  • Haley Meyers
  • Zoe Vaughn
  • Quinn Maddox (Poor Brooke!!)

Kelly’s Killer 2.0 Suspects:

  • Gustavo Acosta
  • Sheriff Acosta
  • Kevin Duval
  • Eli Hudson
  • Kieran Wilcox
  • Tina Hudson (Just for the fun of it, to be honest)

What did everyone think of Scream, 2.11: “Heavenly Creatures”?

Next Recap: It’s the season finale! With the killer rumors coming at them, Emma and Audrey are on the run. Will the Killer catch up to them? Or will this sick game finally be put to rest?

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