Scream, S2 E10- The Vanishing

Scream S2 E10- The Vanishing

Last episode, Piper’s dead body turned up in her childhood home, Blessed Sister. Now, Maggie can finally do an autopsy on her. “You don’t have to do this. She’s your daughter,” Sheriff Acosta says in the background. Among all of the “Piper is the Killer” talk, we forget that she’s also Maggie’s daughter (and Emma’s half-sister). This scene may have been brief, but showed huge emotion nonetheless. Granted, Maggie only knew Piper on a surface level, but my heart goes out to the woman. The autopsy reveals a pig heart was placed inside Piper, and that immediately brings back Brandon James memories/flashbacks for Maggie and Miguel. Could this be the twisted mind of Brandon James himself?

Scream S2 E10- The Vanishing

“If I die, I hope my death scene is cooler then Randy Meeks’.”

Zoe isn’t at school today, which worries Noah immensely – seeing how their love for school is the first thing that turned them on about the other. But it’s cool, because Zoe is ditching and wants Noah to meet them at “their spot”. Once arriving to the murder-infested lake and simultaneous romantic spot, Zoe is nowhere to be found. But fun little arrows leading to a surprise are (probably to Zoe’s dead body, let’s be honest). “It’s a trap!” I yell at my TV screen. The horror movie buff that he is, Noah becomes wary of the situation. Unfortunately, there’s no time or place for the De-Flowered to run (ugh, it doesn’t sound as good as ‘the Virgin’!). Noah is stabbed in the stomach and I’m the one that’s gutted. This wasn’t what I meant when I said you should take some risks, Scream writers! It’s okay, he’s alive, but buried alive with little oxygen at his disposal and a video camera taping his anguish.

Scream S2 E10- The Vanishing

“Wait, people that we actually care about are possibly dying now? I thought the Killer was just killing off the annoying ones! Damn it!”

Who receives this live video relay? The Bi-curious to his De-Flowered, Audrey. And Final Girl Emma, because the Killer probably feels she always needs to be in the loop. It’s simple: follow the clues to find Zoe and Noah without getting the police involved, and they’ll most likely live. Emma feels like they should break the rules and let the cops deal with this. Audrey knows firsthand the repercussions for not listening to the Killer, so no cops! As if the Killer was listening in on them, they give the final girlfriends their first clue to find Noah. “Where did Noah go wrong?” To the murder board!

While watching this episode, I really loved the use of clues to move the story forward. We feel for the girls and Noah to find them or be found. I also felt this episode really drove home the idea that Killer 2.0 isn’t messing around. Good, because the social media antics are prevalent for today’s society, but get a little tiring for a viewer. Sure enough, Noah’s murder board has a clue on it as plain as day. “What’s behind Noah’s obsession?” the note says. As Audrey tries everything to find the smallest something on Noah’s computer, Emma’s busy looking at the Piper letter behind the clue. Within it, Audrey calls Emma a “princess bitch” and how she needs to be taken down. It’s one thing to have your friend casually drift apart without you knowing why. It’s another thing knowing that reason, and that that reason is you. Emma doesn’t share this with Audrey. She also doesn’t immediately start going off on her over it, either. That’s because Emma is an understanding friend, probably more than younger Audrey gave her credit for. The second Killer clue? It’s literally behind Noah’s murder board; a daffodil. “Wow, this really is about us,” Audrey mentions. Emrey take off to where the daffodil originated: the place they first met. My heart just stopped a bit over this. Is the Killer trying to kill me from the cuteness?

Scream S2 E10- The Vanishing

“The Killer sure is doing a whole lot just to get us to date.”

Noah Update: He’s gone from screaming out for help to partaking in his usual monologue of how the buried alive trope is used in films. Now he’s just full-blown hallucinating Zoe beside him. It may be crazy, but at least it’s calming him down and conserving his energy/oxygen. Also, throughout the episode, John Karna completely blew me away with his performance. He managed to convey numerous emotions being buried alive and it felt completely believable. Not to mention probably suffocating for the actor himself.

On the way to where Emrey first met, the horse stables where they used to take riding lessons together, Emma bounces around the subject of their younger days. “We were so close back then, practically family,” Emma says. Audrey agrees. But this ride down memory lane gets halted when Emma throws Audrey’s letter in her face. Under their current circumstances of finding Noah and Zoe, they can’t exactly go at each other, but the tension is obvious.

Noah Update #2: Hallucination Zoe is trying to help Noah through his buried alive dilemma. But his oxygen is running short and the illusion of Zoe keeps fading in and out. What do you do in that situation? Have meltdown after meltdown, and sing the lullaby Zoe previously sang for him. I ache to see you in pain, Noah.

Audrey and Emma arrive at the stables, numerous amount of daffodils surrounding it. Audrey suggests Killer 2.0 might know about this place only because Piper took her here before. They know they’re at the right place when they find a scythe (used on Jake unbeknownst to them) blocking the barn door. Noah has to be here somewhere, they both conclude. Emma decides in this life and death situation for all, that this is the perfect time to bring up the Piper letter. Okay guys, this next scene/line of dialogue is an important one to me, ‘Emrey’, and for both girls in general. I’m just going to post the dialogue below (and the scene here):

Emma: “What did I do to you?”
Audrey: “You really wanna know right now?”
Emma: “Yes, I really wanna know. Why did you hate me?”
Audrey: “You broke my heart! I loved you, okay, and you broke my heart. The worst part is, you didn’t even know you were doing it.”

From a shipper’s standpoint, Emrey is canon (kind of)! From a writer’s perspective, this confession from Audrey brings so much backstory to their characters. Remember the pilot episode and Audrey calls Emma ‘pretty’? “I didn’t mean it like I like you or anything.” No, she did! Please, if there’s a season three of Scream, show us a young Audrey and Emma! What did everyone think of this reveal? Anyone else freaking out that the writers actually went there, ’cause I am! Forget the deaths, I may never get over this! Emma’s reaction is kind of like mine: pure shock and completely speechless. They can’t exactly delve into this because they have a Noah to save.


Scream S2 E10- The Vanishing

“Tug of War never prepared me for this.”

Fortunately, they can hear him singing the lullaby underneath the barn. Just move the dead pig, dig a little bit, and you’ve found Noah. He may have been stabbed and should probably go to the hospital, but is willing to put his health on the line to find Zoe. Zoe was at Zoah’s “spot” all right- just in a coffin submerged beneath the dock where Piper was killed. On the video feed it looks like Zoe is still crying for help. The trio pull the coffin out (how does Noah have the strength to do this?) of the water to find that the video was delayed. Zoe has already drowned. Noah, I think this is a sign that you can never date. In fact, no one on this show can date anyone!

The death of Zoe Vaughn was upsetting and terrible for Noah’s sake, but after thinking about it: Noah should have died. I adore Noah Foster with every fiber of my being (along with Emma, Audrey, and Brooke), but if they had killed off Noah, this would have upped the stakes for everyone. Gone would be the horror buff that knew everything Brandon James, and this would greatly affect Audrey and the Lakewood five. Anyone else feel this way? I love the characters and cast of Scream, but in terms of the kills and deaths, it’s gotten fairly predictable on who’s going to die and who’s forever safe.

Scream S2 E10- The Vanishing

“Why does the universe not want me to date anyone?”

It isn’t long until the cops show up to take Zoe’s body away and for someone to finally check on Noah’s wounds. After everything that happened that day, it’s clear that Emma has forgiven Audrey over the Piper secret. Personally, I think once Emma became aware of Audrey’s prior feelings for her, everything was put into perspective. Emma understands why Audrey did what she did, and realizes she had no involvement in the murders of last season. Although, Audrey definitely should have said something about Piper and Emma being half-sisters. Emma’s reassurance in Audrey’s trust again is shown by holding her hand – and I’m just going to quit while I’m ahead before I start rambling over ‘Emrey’.

“The Vanishing” ends with Maggie testing to see if Brandon James is back by leaving a letter for him in a tree at their spot. Who would secretly be there and retrieve said letter? Kieran’s cousin, Eli Hudson.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Seth Branson/Palmer
  • Haley Meyers
  • Zoe Vaughn

Kelly’s Killer 2.0 Suspects:

  • Gustavo Acosta
  • Sheriff Acosta
  • Zoe Vaughn
  • Kevin Duval
  • Eli Hudson (How did you know about Maggie and Brandon James’ tree spot?)
  • Kieran Hudson

What did everyone think of Scream, 2.10: “The Vanishing”?

Next Recap: The possibility of Eli being a suspect becomes more apparent and Maggie deals with “Brandon James'” response.

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