SDCC 2016: Interviews with the Cast and Producers of ‘iZombie’

iZombie SDCC ’16

Malcolm Goodwin (Clive Babineaux):

Babineaux knows! The last main character finally knows about zombies! Goodwin explained to us what he thinks will happen now that he’s a part of Team Z. He especially touched base upon that great scene in the season finale where Clive had to make a choice: get scratched and become a zombie, or be potential zombie food 24/7. He stood his ground and stayed human throughout the finale (hopefully that continues). “I’m happy he made the choice of him not wanting to get scratched, ’cause I didn’t think that’d be true to Clive.” He believes the only way Babineaux would become a zombie is if he was doing it to save someone else’s life; I second that! We later asked if Clive will take a moment to process the fact that there are zombies roaming around Seattle, and he will. In terms of a Clive/Dale reunion, Malcolm isn’t sure whether she will be returning, but he would hope so. “I love working with her. I think it would be great to have Dale back and have Clive going after her.” Would you want Dale to come back and/or Clive to get a new love interest? Or do you want Clive to handle this “zombies are real” thought process solo?

Executive Producer, Diane Ruggiero-Wright:

It’s always such a treat to get to chat with iZombie‘s hilarious and very spoiler-informative executive producer, Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Along with Rob Thomas, she’s the one you want to talk to if you want any spoilers for all things iZombie. She spoke of Clive first: him finding out about zombies, and how it’ll affect his relationship with Liv from now on. Ask her about Blaine’s new Mr. Nice Guy act and she’ll tell you her confused feelings over it. I feel you, girl – I’m the exact same way, I have no idea what to make of his character now. Speaking of, you can thank Diane for having David sing on the show; that was all her doing. If you like the “case of the week” element of the show, know that Diane is 100% invested in keeping that alive and apparent on the show. “I think I might be the minority, because I know people love the mythology. But I love the brain of the week and the case of the week. So I’d love to do that for as long as we can.” Lastly, ready for some upcoming brains for season 3? Ruggiero-Wright spilled the brains! Liv and Major eat brains together. Liv gets the Dad brain, while Major eats the belligerent teenage daughter’s. That has comedic goldmine written all over it. There’s also a dominatrix brain to look forward to.

Rose McIver (Olivia ‘Liv’ Moore):

Lastly, we spoke with the zombie lead queen herself, Rose McIver! We had to give our condolences to Rob Thomas‘ character right off the bat. She spoke of the final scene in which the zombie on Rob Thomas’ brain had to sing one of his songs in front of him. Talk about nerve-wracking! When asked what works so well for this show, McIver stated the following:

“I love our procedural elements. The brain eating and taking on different characters is such a great device. They all work so well, but that has a shelf life if that was all it was. It needs to have big weighted season arcs and I think that’s what these guys do so well; they interweave those two things…my brain goes to the bigger things at play instead of the brains. Which is cool.”

Rose was also asked about the future of ‘Livjor’. With them both currently being zombies, they could have a real relationship again. Ultimately, Rose would love for Liv and Major to end up together. But she feels just because they’re both zombies, doesn’t mean they should jump the gun and begin dating again. An opinion that Rose definitely has on another iZombie ship is Peyton and Blaine. “Don’t you dare go for Blaine!” she would yell to Peyton if given the chance. She’s even talked to Diane about this! She’s on Team Pavi, as am I. “I hope season 3 can bring some more joy and communication between us and them,” McIver said lastly in regards to the fans enjoying season 3.

With a new suspicious zombie group on Liv’s tail, who knows what will become of our beloved zombie group in season 3.

Can’t wait for iZombie’s third season or just want to relieve some of the show’s epic moments over again? San Diego Comic Con released a highlight reel to get you pumped for more iZombie.
You can view the video below.

What are you most excited for the upcoming third season of iZombie? The brains? The potential love triangle/relationships? Or just intrigued by the new zombie group? Let us know in the comments.

iZombie airs mid-season in 2017 on the CW.

Highlight Video Credit: Warner Bros./The CW

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