SDCC 2016: Interviews with the cast of ‘Man in the High Castle’

man-in-the-high-castle-castAt this year’s San Diego Comic Con, we were lucky enough to talk to members of the cast of Man in the High Castle to discuss the upcoming second season of the gripping drama.

One big piece of news revealed is that we will finally meet the titular Man in the High Castle in the upcoming season. No other details were revealed about this but readers of the book will have a better idea of who this refers to. Writer Thomas Schnauz said that what the man gives Juliana will “propel the season.”

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa shared some profound insights about both the world of the show and the real world, saying, “You can’t rule by domination. You cannot just power somebody to be afraid of you so much and have the world be a place that’s livable.” He particularly talks about the importance of truth and democracy, especially the powers that the millennial generation holds.

The interview with Rufus Sewell (who plays “John Smith”) goes into detail not only about his character but also about the historical aspects of the show, particularly the history of Nazism and the ideas in this particular ideology that may have attracted the people who subscribed to it.

Sewell expounded on how dangerous the ideology is. He said beyond his character and his family and the whole 1950s aesthetic, is more nuance and darkness. He said that he was against the idea of presenting them as some perfect, “all-American” perfect TV family, but he wanted the characters to be presented as a “real” family and this would be more effective in presentation.

He also discussed his approach to playing the character and how he wanted to portray a relatable human being and not a Nazi stereotype. He was most interested in what made them tick, in the people behind the uniforms. And he did his research, reading up on the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and that particular historical period.

Executive producer Dick Hackett discussed some of the differences between the book and the television adaptation. And she also mentioned that the show will not be US-Centric. Series star Alexa Davalos revealed that no matter where characters are physically, story lines are always interweaving and there’s “always and ebb and flow.”

Bella Heathcote said a few things about her character, a privileged documentary filmmaker who’s also attracted to Luke Kleintank’s character, Joe. Kleintank discussed his character and without giving too much away, he said that the character has good intentions despite being a Nazi.

There were some light moments like when DJ Qualls and Rupert Evans talked about being naked on a concrete floor. But they get into more serious topics and reveal that at the end of the first season, their characters are changed people and see the world differently, something that may lead to conflict. They also talked about how collaborative the show is. Evans likewise reiterated Davalos’ point of the characters being connected.

The Man in the High Castle season two will premiere later this year.

Check out the full interviews below:

– Rufus Sewell

– Luke Kleintank and Bella Heathcote

– DJ Qualls and Rupert Evans

– Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa and Thomas Schnauz

– Executive producer Isa Dick Hackett and Alexa Davalos