Interviews with the Cast of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Legends of Tomorrow season 1 cast

With An Accent joined forces with the stars of DC’s Legends of Tomorrrow at this year’s Comic Con. Prepare yourselves for all the latest scoop on CW’s favorite band of misfit time travelers, and on the Justice Society of America too! Caity Lotz, Franz Drameh, and Arthur Darvill sat down to discuss the show’s secrets. With An Accent also welcomed Legends of Tomorrow newcomers Maisie Richardson-Sellers and Nick Zano. Finally, producers Marc Guggenheim and Phil Klemmer shared some interesting information in the videos below.

Interviews with the Legends of Tomorrow

Caity Lotz talks fight scenes

Caity, who plays the fierce Sara Lance, discussed adding character moments to her fight scenes. “I think that’ll be a new, kind of fun way to maybe put some humor into the fights.” Even though Sara started to deal with Laurel’s death in the finale, her grief carries into the new season.

“Everyone I love dies!” Caity exclaims, but says there will still be friendships with Rip and Rory to explore. She misses the dynamic between Sara and Snart, and isn’t sure in what capacity Wentworth will return to the show. As for potential romance in her future? “So far Sara is being quite the casanova.” She would like a solid relationship in the future, though, whether with a man or a woman.

Franz, one half of the Firestorm duo, teases that “Last season has nothing on what we’re doing this season.” Aside from introducing the JSA and new characters, he hints that Jax will be learning more about his transmutation powers. He emphasizes how much more time-traveling this season will contain. “We’re gonna be going to some crazy places. We really time travel this season.”

Maisie  is excited to join the team

Arthur, known as ex-Time Master Rip Hunter on Legends of Tomorrow, is desperate to work with Grant Gustin. He’d love to warn Barry Allen about the dangers of time travel, but has no idea if it’s happening onscreen. Or is he lying?

He does tease that what Rip went through last season “definitely damaged him.” However, the creators promised Arthur that audiences would see more of his lighter side as well. Hopefully his good humor continues despite a big foe appearing early on.

Maisie plays Vixen, a newcomer to Legends of Tomorrow via the Justice Society of America. She teases that her character clashes a lot with Rip due to their big egos. The whole team will be on a journey, though, so she’s sure they’ll work it out.

Another new hero is Nick Zano, who plays Citizen Steel. In order to fulfill his goal of “not sucking,” he researched his character as much as possible. However, he clarifies that his character’s trajectory differs from the addicted to painkillers story of the comics. Another big tease? His first scene is on the Arrow set!

Arthur wants to give Barry a talking-to

Legends of Tomorrow creator Marc Guggenheim reveals the season will start off with a battle between the JSA and the Legends. The cliffhanger with Patrick J. Adam’s character will be resolved in episode 2, and audiences will be surprised.

Marc also gave away a Supergirl tidbit in his interview. Kara comes to The FlashArrow, and Legends respectively – but it won’t be a full crossover episode each time.

Writer Phil Klemmer allows for singing on the show this season, though he insists there won’t be a musical episode. He explains that “re-examining the history of our country and our world” is what he loves about the show. That’s why Legends of Tomorrow visits the past more often than it does the future.

Listen to the cast and crew share these thoughts and more in the videos below!