SDCC 2016: Interviews with the Cast of ‘Supergirl’

With An Accent had the pleasure of talking shop with the newest stars of The CW’s DC Universe at this year’s Comic Con. Supergirl is starting its second season, but this is the first time that it will air on the the same network as fellow superhero shows ArrowThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Melissa Benoist, Chyler Leigh, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood, Jeremy Jordan, Tyler Hoechlin, and executive producer Sarah Schechter all sat down to discuss the show’s great characters and future direction.

Roundtable Interviews

Melissa Benoist at the roundtable

Melissa, who plays the titular Supergirl, expressed her joy at the move to The CW. “It feels like we’re where we should have been all along.” While she doesn’t believe the tone has changed, she noted that the first few scripts feel more “vibrant and exciting.” She also readily admits that Kara is a dweeb, but she still loves her just as much as fans do.

Melissa also gushed about Superman joining the mix, as Kara’s social media interactions with her super-powered cousin last year “never felt like enough” to her. She looks forward to filming scenes with Tyler where they’re both in their suits, and we agree it sounds like quite a treat for the audience.

At the end of last season, Cat Grant gave Kara the opportunity to choose what career move she wanted to make. Melissa says we will find out what Kara chooses sooner than later, and she’s very happy with the result. She goes on to talk about how important the Cat and Kara relationship is to the show, though now Supergirl will delve more into Kara coming into her own as a woman.

Chyler, who plays DEO agent Alex Danvers, joked that she has no idea what amazing things are in store for Supergirl. She hints that we’ll “see who Alex is” outside of protecting her sister and working for the DEO. There will be some tension between Alex and Superman, but “at the end of the day, it’s family.”

Chyler also discussed the upcoming mini Alex Danvers Lego figure, which she thinks is the “coolest thing ever.”

Mehcad Brooks talks bromance with Clark Kent

Mehcad Brooks talks romances and bromances

Something else she finds cool is how the show focuses on the dynamic between women. As a mother, she says it’s invaluable for her daughters to see their supportive bond onscreen.

Mehcad Brooks, known as famed photographer James Olsen, described his character as “a love-struck young man.” Like any new relationship, Kara and James will experience ups and downs in the next season of Supergirl. Not only that, he’s also very excited for a development in James’s story that he can’t talk about yet.

Fans have been expecting some kind of confrontation between James and Clark, and Mehcad says it’s coming. It will not lead to anyone choking anyone else, though. “That’s a good thing, because I would lose.” James arrived in National City (oops!) to get out of Superman’s shadow, so how does a Supergirl romance affect him? Mehcad won’t tell us, but he intimates that it ties into the new development he teased earlier.

David Harewood had the unique experience of being announced as Cyborg Superman and later becoming Martian Manhunter. The fan love for his character surprised him, though it’s understandable given how much humanity he imbues J’onn J’onzz with.

David jokes that J’onn should get a romance because “Mehcad’s getting all the love, man.” Perhaps Alex finding her father helps J’onn branch out in his personal life and start a family of his own.

Tyler Hoechlin is as excited for Superman as everyone else

Tyler Hoechlin is as excited for Superman as everyone else

Jeremy Jordan, who plays Winn Schott, teases this year of Supergirl is “more about seeing the characters growing up.” Winn works more with the DEO this season, though Jeremy doesn’t know if we’ll see his father. Jeremy hints that Winn has scenes with a new male character, but none with the new women yet.

Tyler Hoechlin, of Teen Wolf fame, arrived at SDCC with a different cast for the first time this year. He hopes not to let fans of Superman down. We think his warm smile and winning charm will ensure he doesn’t. He knows Clark and Kara’s established dynamic, but it “[takes] on a life of its own” once he personally appears.

One of Supergirl‘s wonderful executive producers, Sarah Schechter, was also on hand to talk season 2. She says the story delves into how to balance Kara’s personal life with her superhero one. “Can you have it all?” and “How do you be everything to everyone?” will be the main questions.

Sarah confirms that a big event will cause Supergirl to join the same universe as The Flash and Arrow. She looks forward to the reddit discussions of what that event is, and so do we!

Finally, hints were dropped about a developing friendship between Hank and Winn, as well as an emotional arc for Alex.