Scream, S2 E9- The Orphanage

Scream S2 E9- The Orphanage
Scream S2 E9- The Orphanage

Emma Duval, what have you done?

Last episode, Emma found out about Audrey’s involvement with Piper. Unfortunately not from Audrey herself. Emrey fans, this episode is going to be hard for us. Grab a tissue box and a puppy or two.

Emma is surrounded by her friends in the kitchen, who are trying to reassure her about their secrets/involvements with Piper. But Emma isn’t interested in hearing what they have to say. “No more talking,” crazed Emma states. She’d much rather stab them to death.

So it’s just a very bad nightmare. However, instead of her bedroom, Maggie finds her daughter having sleep-walked to the kitchen, knife in hand! Emma, do I have to put you on my suspect list? Anyone else kind of in love with the idea of Emma being the killer? No one would suspect it and it’s something the franchise has never done before!

The next day, Kieran suggests they just ditch, but no, Emma has to finally face Audrey at school. Meanwhile at Maddox Manor, Brooke and Stavo (can their ship name please be Bravo?), are still laying in bed and don’t want to face their ‘final couple’ responsibilities. I would like to applaud Stavo for actually being a decent guy and respecting that Brooke has yet to move on from Jake’s death and needs time before getting into a new relationship. I’m growing to like you even more with each passing episode! But you’re still on my suspect list; that will probably never change.

Scream S2 E9- The Orphanage

“You’ve never felt Emma’s rejection before. It’s hard core.”

School is a place most teenagers dread with a passion. For Emma and Audrey, it’s the one location where they’re bound to see each other. It isn’t long until Emma tells everyone Audrey’s ‘Piper’ secret. They’re not necessarily about to throw murderous weapons at her (that’s the Killer’s job), but they definitely feel betrayed nonetheless. The second Emma sees Audrey she lets her have it! Audrey tries to tell her side of the story, but you can’t really change Emma’s mind a lot of the time. “You just didn’t want anyone to blame you!” A dramatic shove on Emma’s part really shows where there friendship is currently headed.

Audrey is mainly confused as to how she found out in the first place. That and why the hell did Noah record it? He recorded it on accident, he says in a private Bi-Curious and the Virgin meeting at school. “Well, did you send it by accident?!” Audrey questions. We all know that Noah has limited visitors in his room. The only recent occupant has been Zoe. Zo, things aren’t looking good for you. Especially when later at Noah’s, Noah finds out that Zoe actually did send the file to herself. That seems sketchy, regardless of her “telling the truth” as Noah claims. I’m with Audrey on this, I don’t trust her.

Who we also can’t trust: Miss Lang. After finding a mini cassette tape in her locker, Emma and Kieran have come to find it belongs to Miss Lang. On it, she speaks of nothing but the anger Emma carries. Considering every act of violence Emma has done was legitimately true, Emma questions just how capable of murder she is. Not to add to the fire, but you did have a vivid dream of you stabbing your friends. Kieran and Emma try to visit Miss Lang to dig a little deeper into what exactly she’s doing stalking Emma (and the other Lakewood students I might add!).

Unfortunately, all they get out of her is a scare and shriek the second she sees Emma’s face. Kieran does manage to steal her house keys. Since they’re getting nowhere from Miss Lang herself, I guess trespassing will do.

Once there, they don’t find anything out of the ordinary until they spot a picture hanging upset down! You know this is of some importance, or Miss Lang has some odd decorating styles. The photo? A younger Karen Lang and Piper Shaw; the girls were apparently friends or at least acquaintances.

Scream S2 E9- The Orphanage

“Noah, have people always been this stupid in Lakewood, or are we just the smart ones?”

Noah knows of the place. It’s the Blessed Sisters Asylum-later turned Children’s Hone. Now it’s just an abandoned building which apparently is currently hosting a party? It’s a Brandon James mask themed party, so you know the Killer could literally be anyone! I’m sorry, but are people just asking to die in this town?

With that said, this soiree masquerade wouldn’t have happened if Haley hadn’t planned it with the encouragement of her secret boyfriend (the Killer). You do realize you’re going to die being in cahoots with Killer 2.0, right? (Spoiler alert: She does.)

The Scream Team try to think of ways to shut this party down. Music is a big consistent with parties; turn the power off and the teens flee. Either that, or they could just wait it out; someone’s bound to die eventually, which’ll have the same effect. Noah and Zoe are on “electricity” duty, probably just as an excuse to have sex somewhere (which happened earlier in this episode, finally!). Does this mean Bi-Curious and the Virgin are now Bi-Curious and the De-Flowered?

Scream S2 E9- The Orphanage

Watching this episode made me realize how smart phones have rendered actual flashlights pretty useless.

The only reason Audrey arrives to the party is because the Killer sent her teasing messages saying Noah was their next victim. Well, that’s an interesting way to find out your best friend lost his virginity. Audrey at the party is exactly what the Killer wants. Audrey and Emma together? Even better. While trying to look for their counterparts (Noah and Kieran) who could be in danger, the pair are fumbling in the dark (thanks Zoah for turning off the circuit breakers in a moment of panic) and find themselves following photo after photo of the late Piper Shaw. Before they know it, they’ve reached a room with the corpse of Piper herself! How the reveal was shot, edited, and acted with Willa and Bex was spot-on! I cringed watching this scene and afterwards! It’s clear this new Killer is all about seeking revenge on Audrey and Emma for Piper’s death. Also, props for preserving her body so well, Killer 2.0.

When Sheriff Acosta arrives he knows that Audrey and Emma didn’t throw the party, but he obviously wants to know who did. Emma recommends he speak to Haley for that. Also check out the rotting corpse in one of the spare rooms. But Miguel doesn’t even have to walk that much into the abandoned house before he finds a dead body: Haley Meyers hanging next to the ‘Face the Mask’ banner.

Scream, you have to step up your game with the killing. Take some risks and kill off a beloved character; I promise it makes for good writing and emphasizes that everyone is a target.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Seth Branson/Palmer
  • Haley Meyers

Kelly’s Killer 2.0 Suspects:

  • Gustavo Acosta (I see you casually lurking throughout the party and referring to yourself as a “special friend”)
  • Sheriff Acosta
  • Zoe Vaughn
  • Kevin Duval
  • Eli Hudson
  • Kieran Hudson

What did everyone think of Scream: 2.09: “The Orphanage”?

Next Recap: Emma & Audrey are on a wild goose chase to saved their loved ones. But along the way, they’ll relive old memories and even uncover secrets about themselves. But please, multi-task and save Noah quickly you two!

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