Scream, S2 E8- Village of the Damned

Scream S2 E8- Village of the Damned
Scream S2 E8- Village of the Damned

“I’m sorry that I haven’t seen Orange is the New Black and Orphan Black yet, okay!?”

Carnivals and festivals are either the absolute best or the worst, when portrayed on film/TV. For a show like Scream, you know it’s going to be filled with at least a stabbing or an uncovered dead body. For Lakewood, they’re celebrating 100 years of not dying in this town. Just kidding, it’s how long the town has been around (same thing).

Audrey wakes to find someone’s done some decorating on her ceiling and mirror. “12 Dead” and “No one will forgive you!” it sloppily reads. We all know that isn’t paint. The death count confuses Noah and Audrey later, who only come up with 11 total (including Piper). This is the point in the show where we’re supposed to yell, “SETH BRANSON!” at the TV and hope they’ll hear us like in a kids show.

At school, everyone’s upset that the Lakewood festival is still going on. Especially Brooke, who’s in the running for Lady of the Lake with Zoe. Besides, the prize for the winner of this dumb competition is something not worth her time, like community service.

In Lang’s office, Sheriff Acosta is going through her tapes and seriously wondering what she’s doing with all of them. But he’ll take the one with his son’s name on it for parental reasons. Sometimes I can’t tell if he loves his son or is dead set on him being the Killer. This is apparent when he goes snooping in Gustavo’s room later and finds his Brandon James mask. Of course Stavo walks in and the mention of a past event in Phoenix is brought up. Okay, he’s just a concerned parent is all. At least I hope.

Scream S2 E8- Village of the Damned

“Screw men! Except for when we…actually screw them.”

The Lakewood carnival is where the real action and plot lies for this episode. Audrey invites Emma as her carnival date (Emma is sick of the two cousins at the moment), and it couldn’t be any cuter. Whether you ship ‘Emrey’ platonically or more, you have to appreciate their friendship and how far they’ve come.

Behind the scenes of the Lady of the Lake pageant, Zoe and Brooke are both nervous about the speeches they have to make. Luckily, Zoe has just the thing to cure them of their nerves: alcohol. You see where this is headed right? Good. But first, I have to mention Noah’s adorable bouquet made out of cotton candy! Everyone take note at the fine boyfriend material that is Noah Foster. He even partakes in the cute yet cheesy photo booth photos with Zoe! All Brooke’s love interest, Stavo, does is propose they ditch the festival. Because why have a fest when people are dying, right? While I agree, Brooke wants to stay. And by stay I mean drink the entirety of Zoe’s flask.

Scream S2 E8- Village of the Damned

“You’re not leaving until I figure out our ship name!”

Outside at the carnival portion, Audrey is winning a stuffed animal for her girlfriend. “I’m just really glad we got over that little breakup.” Audrey says to Emma. Before things get super mushy, Emma’s love interests come and ruin it. The pair fight over who’s the most sketchy and Emma is just like, “Men,” and walks away with Audrey.

Audrey finds this is the perfect time to come clean to Emma about her involvement with Piper. But the only thing she’s able to mention is how someone broke into her room, before Emma is just concerned for Audrey’s sake.

In terms of the Lady of the Lake speeches, Zoe delivers the perfect speech-filled with love and pride for this pageant and her town. Brooke does as well. But it isn’t what the audience wants to hear. First of all, she’s trashed by this point. Second, she calls the town “Murder-ville” and how people would still be alive if this stupid town took all of this stuff seriously. “Lakewood is cursed! People die in this town, all the time. And we act like nothing happened!” While I had absolute chills from seeing that drunken yet perfectly crafted speech, the judges aren’t on my side. Brooke’s disqualified and Zoe wins. You can’t deny that those words needed to be said; Brooke just had the balls to actually say them (with the help of alcohol). Her Dad even spares her a lecture and just wants to get her home safe; so you’re not that terrible of a father!

Scream S2 E8- Village of the Damned

“Help! This is the most traumatic thing that’s ever happened to me!”

You know the Killer has to make an appearance at public events like carnivals. Sure enough they call Emma and state they have Kieran in the fun-house. To the fun-house, says the final girl! Even Acosta’s deputy who goes in to check the scene regrets it immediately, for his fear of clowns. Turn back now, Emma; Kieran is so not worth it! Unfortunately, that’s not what Sidney Prescott taught her in Final Girl school. She comes face to face with the Killer and using those final girl skills, shoots them with the deputy’s abandoned gun. That was a big mistake seeing that the “killer” is Kieran, bound against his will.
The whole near-death experience thing really gave him the courage to explain his stepdad woes to Emma. He was fighting with him during the night of his parent’s deaths and thinks it’s his fault they’re dead. Okay now, let’s not play the blame game. All those feelings will just eat you up inside, like Audrey.

She admits to Noah that she’s telling Emma the whole truth tonight, whether she’s ready to or not. But it appears as she enters Emma’s bedroom, someone has done that for her. Instead of Emma hearing all of this from Audrey, she’s hearing it from the recorded conversation Audrey had with Noah previously. “I can explain.” Oh Audrey, I really hope you can.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Seth Branson/Palmer

Kelly’s Killer 2.0 Suspects:

  • Gustavo Acosta
  • Sheriff Acosta
  • Zoe Vaughn (She has a major dislike for Audrey & sent the audio file to herself, I’m not liking what I’m seeing)
  • Kevin Duval
  • Eli Hudson
  • Karen Lang
  • Kieran Hudson

What did everyone think of Scream: 2.08: “Village of the Damned”?

Next recap: Who sent Emma the audio file? Plus, Emma finds a connection between Piper and Miss Lang.

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