Here are the covers for the upcoming ‘X-Files Origins’ novels

Fans of The X-Files who long for more after the recent revival left us with a cliffhanger might get some relief reading the upcoming novels centered around Fox Mulder and Dana Scully in their teenage years.

These two young-adult novels are set in the year 1979 and will release simultaneously on January 3rd. Agent of Chaos will focus on 17-year-old Fox Mulder. It’s written by Kami Garcia (known for Beautiful Creatures). A 15-year-old Dana Scully stars in Devil’s Advocate, written by Jonathan Maberry (author of Rot & Ruin).

Publisher Erin Stein, of Imprint/Macmillan Children’s Publishing, assures fans that these stories will not upset canon or change what we know and love from the TV series. In fact, some details – file numbers, locations, and character names – might stand out for hardcore fans.

Check out the covers here, and then let us know what you think in the comments. You can also check out the article on WSJ for more details about the books.