Wally West Suits up as Kid Flash on ‘The Flash’


Wally West/Kid Flash

The Flash returns this fall with its premiere episode titled “Flashpoint”. Seemingly inspired by the Geoff Johns-written comic book story line of the same name, “Flashpoint” will see Barry return to a very unfamiliar world as the events that took place in last season’s finale will drastically alter the timeline.

Now we have official confirmation of one major change to the timeline that will be introduced in the season three premiere. Wally West will become a meta-human and will be given super speed. The CW has revealed the first official images of Keiynan Lonsdale’s Wally West suited up as Kid Flash. Check it out to the right.

Keeping in tune with the style the show has already laid out, Wally’s costume is still very reminiscent and true to the pre-New 52 Kid Flash from the comics. Sporting the iconic red and yellow with a mask  opened up at the top of his head, Wally West/Kid Flash looks ready for action. Now, of course we can assume this new version of Wally West spawns out of the birth of the new Flashpoint timeline, but we won’t know until season three whether or not Wally’s link to the speed force will still remain after Barry inevitably fixes the timeline.

Now sound off, Flash fans. What do you think of Wally’s new costume? Are you excited to see him take on the role of Kid Flash? Are you hoping to see any other characters suit up as well? Feel free to let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook.