Scream, S2 E6- Jeepers Creepers

Scream S2 E6- Jeepers Creepers
Scream S2 E6- Jeepers Creepers

I know this may be very therapeutic, Brooke. But now you need new sheets…

Nothing like a good ol’ Noah monologue to set up this episode. While telling all of the somber murderous details he can about Jake’s death on his podcast, the Morgue, we get a glimpse of just how the rest of the Lakewood Five are holding up.

Not well. Audrey lets out all of her pent up aggression with the Killer and her secrets to a punching bag. Brooke contemplates giving herself a drastic hair cut, but ends up just using the scissors to do some serious damage to her bed covers. Kieran tries to stop by at Emma’s house to apologize, but he isn’t exactly welcome. Could it be because he ratted out Emma to Sheriff Acosta? Yes, yes it can.

Needing to seriously make sense of all of the recent murders and Killer 2.0, Emma heads to Noah’s to talk possible suspects. She immediately orders to see Noah’s murder board. Too bad Noah so does not want her to see it. Front and center is Audrey’s photo as the prime suspect to which Emma says, “It’s not Audrey.” I second this, Noah!

Scream S2 E6- Jeepers Creepers

“You have that photo of me on the suspect board? My hair looks awful!”

Ever since finding out that Audrey knew about Jake’s death before anyone else (among other things), the Virgin has hardcore been following the Bi-Curious. You’d think when he gets caught that he’d come up with a decent excuse. Not at all.

Brooke and Gustavo use their sexy flirtatious ways to try to figure out what exactly Seth Branson/Palmer is up to. Based on Stavo’s Dad’s police reports, the former English teacher was with the current Psych teacher, Miss Lang! Using her cry-on-command skills, Brooke pretends to be incredibly upset over her past tryst with Branson and wants to seek some psych guidance – knowing all too well that this will make Kristen Lang peeved. Of course when Brooke later calls Seth to take a trip down rendezvous lane, he’s all for it. Little does he know, Brooke’s using this as an excuse to get some serious answers out of him.

I may have said that Carlson Young completely killed it in the last episode, but boy was her “torture” scene with Seth Branson/Palmer (Bobby Campo) powerful. Over the course of the series, Young has given so many layers to Brooke from the pilot to now you can’t help but love and feel for her.

Brooke handcuffs Branson to the hotel’s bed, complete with a blindfold. With scissors and her surprisingly venomous words she tries to figure out if Seth was behind Jake’s death. Even after a few cuts, scrapes, and the threat of stabbing a certain nether region from Brooke, the man never confesses. “JK,” Brooke slyly smiles before exiting the hotel, leaving Seth still handcuffed. Someone will come and take care of you, Branson. Don’t worry; or maybe you should.

Scream S2 E6- Jeepers Creepers

“I do love you Noah. Just not like that.”

Noah gets a taste of some unfortunate torture, too (kind of). Noah thinks he’s meeting up with Eddie Hayes at a deserted carnival in the middle of the night. However, he never gets to actually meet with Eddie – obviously, because he’s dead. Instead, Killer 2.0 sneaks up out of his car’s backseat and chloroforms him. Once awake, he finds himself strapped to a bumper car, and oh look – Audrey’s there, too! She claims the Killer grabbed her also.
Because they’re both trapped there, they might as well confess everything to each other. Like how ever since they kissed, Noah’s felt something between them. Both myself and Audrey do not want to hear this! “I do love you, Noah. Just not like that.” Kind of harsh way of putting it, but not exactly untrue. I am all for Noah and Audrey only being friends. I’ve said this before, but it’s rare when we have a set of best friends stay best friends.

The talk of feelings turns into the talk of secrets. Noah confesses to finding out a little about Audrey’s connection to Piper. They don’t go into specifics in that moment because upon hearing a noise, Audrey suspects Killer 2.0 might actually be there now. Yes, Audrey was the one that chloroformed Noah so she could finally talk to him about all of this. Honestly, a part of me wants to forget that she ever did that. You don’t chloroform friends, okay!

Scream S2 E6- Jeepers Creepers

The Bicurious and the Virgin, always there for one another.

Once safe at Noah’s, we get the information we’ve all been waiting for: what exactly did Audrey do with Piper?  “I brought Piper to Lakewood,” she blurts out to Noah. Turns out, Audrey lured Piper to Lakewood so the pair could make a documentary on Brandon James. Audrey oddly connected with the town’s supposed killer, and plus could use some friends at the time. When the killings occurred, Piper swore to Audrey that it wasn’t her, but we all know how that turned out. Noah’s response to all of this: “You’re not a monster, Audrey. You’re a victim.” Everyone’s favorite crime-fighting duo hug, and – Noah’s mic was recording the entire conversation. Was that intentional or a complete accident? Boy is it nice to have someone finally on Audrey’s side and not have her go through all of Killer 2.0’s taunts alone.

Remember how Branson is still tied to the bed in the hotel room? Killer 2.0 definitely does. I feel like the writers named the episode “Jeepers Creepers” for the ending scene alone. Branson thought he just had to worry about Brooke’s little tantrum. He couldn’t be more wrong. With nowhere to go and no way to speak, the Killer cuts off his hand! For a teen show, that has to be the goriest scene I have ever seen. Well, I guess I can remove him from my suspect list.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Hayes
  • Seth Branson/Palmer(?)

Kelly’s Killer 2.0 Suspects:

  • Gustavo Acosta (You may have a cute thing going with Brooke, but you still don’t have all of my trust)
  • Sheriff Acosta (There is the saying, “Like father, like son.”)
  • Zoe Vaughn
  • Kevin Duval
  • Eli Hudson
  • Seth Branson
  • Karen Lang
  • Kieran Hudson

Next recap:

As Zoe and Noah’s relationship continues to grow, so do our suspicions of her. And Brooke might sort of feel bad for leaving Seth alone in that hotel room. It’s okay Brooke, it’s not like he might be dead or anything.

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