Saturn Awards – Interview with ‘The Walking Dead”s Chandler Riggs

Chandler Riggs The Walking DeadAt this year’s 42nd Annual Saturn Awards we caught up with Carl Grimes himself: Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead.

Riggs was the recipient of this year’s Best Young Actor in a TV Series award for his work on the AMC zombie show, the sixth season of which recently concluded with a huge cliffhanger.

We asked him about what to look forward to in the seventh season of The Walking Dead, and he said:

“We say this every year that it’s going to be bigger and better and awesome…I promise it’s going to be bigger and it’s really, really good…really excited for you to see it.”

He also admitted to being pretty harassed by fans asking who got killed in the finale, but he assured us that the reveal will be worth the wait. And he finds it cool that fans are so invested in the show.

He couldn’t say if his character would be getting a love interest; although he mentions that the character of Enid may be the possible love interest, he can’t be sure. And fun fact: he grows his hair long for the show and he likes it.

On Fear the Walking Dead and the possibility of a crossover with the main show, he said that it would be awesome, “if The Walking Dead lasts that long” but nothing was set in stone.

The Walking Dead season seven will air later this year on AMC.

Check out the full interview below: