Scream, S2 E4- Happy Birthday to Me

Scream S2 E4- Happy Birthday to Me
Scream S2 E4- Happy Birthday to Me

Are we out of the woods yet?

Ah, birthday episodes. Every TV show’s bound to have one of them, especially teen shows. The episodes usually consist of the birthday person getting a surprise party and/or hating the outcome of it.

For Mr. Kieran Wilcox, it’s a little bit of both.
But before the crazy birthday shenanigans (and I mean crazy), there’s the pre-planning and events prior to said party.

So as not to have the wine opener in her possession and be a prime suspect, Audrey buries the utensil-turned-murder-weapon far away from her. Apparently it took a liking to her, because it “wines” up in her bed the following morning. Just kidding, the Killer clearly snuck into her room and placed it there. Creepy! I did not need that mental image!

You’re probably wondering who’s the culprit for Kieran’s giant drunken shindig in the first place. That would be his cousin, Eli. While applying to work at Emma’s job (the better to be closer to you, my dear), Eli manages to convince her that Kieran would love a ginormous party filled with people he hardly knows and a bottle of alcohol for every type of bad decision these teens could make. So long Kieran and Emma’s original low key “birthday dinner and chill,” and hello birthday rager.

Scream S2 E4- Happy Birthday to Me

“You may or may not be the Killer. But I still may or may not sleep with you eventually.”

Audrey thinks she’s found her mysterious texter/Killer 2.0 in the form of Gustavo Acosta. Think about it: he’s always lurking around, has a obsessive fascination with the Lakewood Six (ahem, five) and is just plain creepy – the word I basically use to describe everyone on this show. Plus, when Audrey pulls the fire alarm to get a closer look at Gustavo’s iPad, she finds the gruesomely killed drawings of herself and the rest of her friends. Could these drawings be because he wants to create the next outstanding graphic novel, or because he wants to be the next Lakewood murderer? Personally, I vote the former. How about the rest of you?

The party is getting set up, and Emma still has her doubts that this party is truly what Kieran wanted. Eli reassures her that Kieran will love this drunken hot mess of a night. Then again, you can’t really trust him because Eli and Emma share a “moment”/near kiss shortly afterwards. Probably something that Eli was expecting to happen. I still don’t trust you, Eli!

Fortunately, Brooke walks in before anything can happen with the E-named folk (the only thing I like about these two; I love alliteration). Brooke has in her hand a giant tequila bottle, compliments of the Jake himself. I should probably mention that Brooke got a text from her so-called boyfriend, saying she’ll see him tomorrow. Well, that’s not going to be good, now is it?

When Kieran arrives, you just know that he was not expecting this nor is he going to enjoy it. But will he let that show in front of Emma? Absolutely not. The night goes from a possibly awesome party to hell when Stavo insists everyone does a shot of the tequila Jake got. They do so and instantly regret it later. Noah comments that the tequila tastes funny, and I’m like, “Dude, have you even had tequila before? How would you know?”

Regardless everyone agrees, and literally a slide slow transition later and everyone’s puking their guts out (hopefully not literally, although I wouldn’t put it past Killer 2.0). Gustavo recalls the taste of the spiked tequila to be ayahuasca, a drug that makes you hallucinate like crazy. He took the drug of his own free will once and is pretty much an expert on how to handle it. Well, that’s not making you look suspicious in my or Audrey’s eyes.

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