Scream, S2 E5- Dawn of the Dead

Scream S2 E5- Dawn of the Dead

On the last episode of Scream, Jake’s body went tumbling out of a Lady of the Lake poster and onto the auditorium stage – right in front of poor Brooke. The blood splattered everywhere, so that Miss Maddox resembled a Miss Carrie.

Scream S2 E5- Dawn of the Dead

She may look sad, but in her head she’s just thinking of a way to ruin Gustavo.

I’d like to tell you that Brooke suddenly gained telekinesis powers and killed the Killer/everyone that’s wronged her (Branson?), but I can’t…because this isn’t a supernatural show.

Instead, Mr. Acosta has all the students in lock-down, except for of course the Lakewood Five. Throughout the episode he questions and suspects each of them; okay, why don’t we question you, Mr. Acosta. I know you’re on my suspect list (see below).

You know those characters that completely steal the show, even though they’re maybe in a few scenes at the most? That’s exactly what Carlson Young manages to do with her character, Brooke Maddox. From screaming at the top of her lungs all the while blood’s dripping down her face in the last episode, to overcoming the loss of the Jake, Young completely tugs at your heartstrings.

Even though she’s deeply mourning, Brooke still manages to poke fun at the fact that the only thing available for her to wear is a cheerleading uniform. Who wants to bet Killer 2.0 was responsible for that just so they could see Brooke as a cheerleader? Regardless, Jake’s spirit is probably loving this.

In the library (where the majority of the student body are), everyone is playing a game of “who did it” and/or “who is the Killer?” This show and tell gets worse when Emma realizes the ringing phone in her backpack isn’t her own, but Jake’s. Now your fingerprints are all over it, Em.

When schools are in lockdown, there’s always a handful of parents outside that are angry about this occurrence. Like Eli’s mother of the year and Kieran’s guardian, Tina. I honestly think she’s just there because she has nothing better to do and wants to prove herself a worthy parent. Mayor Maddox is the only one allowed inside – props for being “friends” with the Sheriff and the Mayor of Lakewood. Brooke is sitting alone in a classroom, looking like a wet golden lab from her hell of a day and shower. Her Dad walks in and it’s at this moment that we forget this man is one questionable fellow. I personally have never really liked his character, but he knows Brooke is hurting and that’s all that matters to him. Tug on my heartstrings some more, why don’t you?!

Scream S2 E5- Dawn of the Dead

“Tell me again why I brought a gun to a school?”

Everyone’s lockers need to be searched in order to possibly find the murder weapon used on Jake. This does not fly with Kieran, who has his Dad’s old gun hidden in his locker. Realizing that Kieran just said the dreaded, “I’ll be right back,” when trying to get the gun out of his locker, Noah sneaks away with him because the dude clearly doesn’t know how to survive in a horror TV series. Further evidence to this fact? Kieran gets caught trying to get the gun out of his locker. Your good hair cannot be the only thing that gets you through life, Kier.

Actually that might be a little bit true, since he gets off scot-free once with the sheriff. “It doesn’t fit the murder weapon,” Mr. Acosta says. It’s still a gun, though! All Kieran has to do is tell anymore information on Jake’s murderer and he’s free to go. Okay, how about that Emma has Jake’s phone in her possession?

Scream S2 E5- Dawn of the Dead

“What? The door was locked! I had to get out somehow!”

Emma’s caught and questioned thanks to her lovely boyfriend, Kieran. Fortunately, she can play the “final girl” card and say the killings are happening all over again. But it only gets her so far, because Sheriff Acosta sends her back to the library filled with stressed out teens.

Who would be trash talking when Emma gets back but Haley, our favorite recurring character (sarcasm) and still not a love interest for Audrey. “Everyone that comes around you dies,” she says to Emma. “And your friends should be scared, too, because they’re all going to die.” One would call what happens next a cat fight, but I call it a fierce lioness going after her prey. Haley, you’re all talk. Everyone lets Emma get a good slap and punch in her before really honestly doing anything. I mean it’s not like Haley doesn’t deserve it or anything.

Post fight, Ms. Lang thinks Emma is heavily triggered from this whole thing. So what does she do? Lock her in her office. I can’t tell if you thought this was a smart idea to keep her safe or that you’re actually the Killer/their accomplice. Who’s to show up, but the Killer themselves.

Scream S2 E5- Dawn of the Dead

“Surprise, bitch! I bet you’d thought you’d seen the last of me.”

Brooke tells the sheriff and her Dad about Branson’s reappearance into her life and how he’s totally responsible. That’s definitely a possibility, B. She later asks to see Jake’s body, to which Maggie replies that he’s been dead for at least 3 days. Who have you been texting, then, Brooke?

Seeing how Audrey saw Gustavo’s bloody drawings of the Lakewood five, she’s convinced he’s behind it all. 100% convinced of this, she shows the entire crowd of kids his tablet. (No one really makes smart choices on this show, I’ve realized) Yet another fight breaks out – this time between the boys. The fight is broken up and honestly interrupted by a bloody Emma Duval. That’s it, lockdown over – otherwise someone else is going to be murdered. And it won’t be because of the Killer.

The episode ends with our little scene stealer, Brooke. Still donning the cheerleading uniform, Brooke slowly makes her way into the school’s pool – the last place where she was with Jake. She lowers her head into the water and screams and screams into the water, trying to make sense of all the craziness that’s happened. You’ll get through this my little favorite. All in due time.

Lakewood Body Count:

  • Tyler O’Neill
  • Nina Patterson
  • Rachel Murray
  • Riley Marra
  • Will Belmont
  • Sheriff Clark Hudson
  • Piper Shaw
  • Jake Fitzgerald
  • Eddie Krueger

Kelly’s Killer 2.0 Suspects:

  • Gustavo Acosta
  • Zoe Vaughn
  • Kevin Duval
  • Eli Hudson (you’re still creepy in my books)
  • Seth Branson
  • Karen Lang (she could at least be the new accomplice?)

What did everyone think of Scream: 2.05: “Dawn of the Dead”?

Next Recap: With the help of Gustavo, Brooke tries to get a little revenge on Seth Branson.

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