Scream, S2 E3- Vacancy

Scream S2 E3- Vacancy
Scream S2 E3- Vacancy

I find it amusing they edited out the blood in this photo that was so obviously present during this scene

What’s been most interesting about this season of Scream is how the audience has been viewing the series. We’re nervous as hell in Audrey’s perspective, hoping desperately that no one finds out about her connection with Piper (while simultaneously wanting to know what she did with Piper last season). Or we’re in complete denial/unaware that the killings are even happening with Emma’s perspective. She’s just trying to get her life back to normal for once.

“See how I finished the job for Audrey?” Those are the words that are pinned to Jake’s corpse as Audrey continues to stare in shock at what Killer 2.0 has done. Speaking of the Brandon James mask wearer, they call her to rub what they’ve done in her face. “How could you do this to Jake?” she yells. I wouldn’t even question it, Audrey. It’s that time of the year for Lakewood; killing season should be expected at this point. Not wanting her involvement to get out, she rips off the pinned notes (she’s wearing gloves) and hightails it out of there. The following morning, she’s examining the bag of bloody evidence and is probably the only one that can make this act look normal.

Emma interrupts, calling to ask Audrey’s opinion of her Dad, Kevin Duval. Audrey gives her honest answer: he always seemed off and aloof to her. This is not the answer that Emma wanted to hear. “Wait, are you pissed at me?” Audrey asks. Emma, don’t be immature. Like Audrey also said, your father just randomly showed up here; there has to be a reason. How about throwing on a Brandon James mask and going all stabby on the town’s population? Our bad-ass Bi-curious has little time to process Kevin Duval’s return and stash her bloody notes when the Virgin shows up, all excited to view the storage warehouse like he’s going to Disney World.

Poor Audrey is nearly having a panic attack in preparation for Noah to find Jake’s dead body inside. But once opened, the Jake’s body isn’t in sight. However, there’s a camera, sure to have evidence of everything Audrey did the night before. Not passing up seeing what’s on the camera’s tape, Noah takes it to view at home. Gulp. Audrey, you’re a sitting duck. It really shows how terrified Audrey is for Noah to learn the connection she had with Piper. I kid you not, she was ready to knock him out with a dragon-shaped metal paperweight! I repeat: injure (or worse) her best friend to keep a secret. If I were you, I’d rather have my friends hate me than have dead friends. Fortunately, Killer 2.0 isn’t that cruel. The tape is faulty to my and Audrey’s relief. That doesn’t mean they’re letting Audrey off easy from here on out.

Audrey is almost like a monkey jumping through hoops when it comes to stopping her secret from getting out. For instance, she skips work to head to Lakewood’s Crescent Palms Motel upon their orders. There are times where I wonder how far Audrey would go to keep this secret. Wouldn’t it just be easier to come clean? (Depending on what she did with Piper, that is). After Audrey told Emma that her Dad was totally sketchy when they were younger, the pair aren’t seeing eye to eye. Who notices this and is rather the mediator of the two? Brooke.

Scream S2 E3- Vacancy

Guess who’s back? Back again Branson’s back. Tell the sheriff so he can stop talking to this STILL underage girl.

There’s only so much Brooke can do because she has her own problems that keep haunting her. Like a certain former illegal lover/teacher making an appearance again in her life. What starts as a phone call filled with Shakespeare quotes and memories, turns into an actual meeting at the movie theater. Zoe, Noah, Brooke, and Gustavo are supposed to be sneaking into an R-rated movie courtesy of Audrey, but she’s nowhere to be seen, thanks to her secret-keeping with the killer.

Who would show up? Mr. “I sleep with young girls”. I mean Seth Branson/Palmer. There’s an uncomfortable staring contest between Brooke and Seth. Seth still wants Brooke and she can barely look at him. It’s revealed that Seth bought the flowers for Brooke, not Jake. Dude just can’t let her go. Almost enough to kill, Seth? The only reason Seth doesn’t grab Brooke right there and kiss is her is because 1) it’s still gross and she’s underage, and 2) Gustavo pretends to be Brooke’s boyfriend to get Seth to skeddadle. Because unlike the older party, Stavo can tell that Brooke is incredibly uncomfortable. This is the only scene we see of Branson/Palmer and I hope it’s the last.

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