Saturn Awards: Eric Kripke & Jared Padelecki talk about 11 years of ‘Supernatural’

Yes, Eric Kripke really did sign a deal with a crossroads demon.

Ok, not really, but it seems like he must have, right? S

Supernatural is about to go into its 11th season, and there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight. Few shows make it this far, and even when they do its usually coupled with a drastic decline in quality (so ok, it did kinda go down the tubes for a bit there, but season 11 was pretty great, so we’ll forgive its slump). From a show that once felt like a guilty pleasure, and was very episodic, Supernatural eventually turned into a show that had one of the most complicated, yet cohesive mythologies in television. Remember when it was running at the same time as Lost, and you couldn’t believe that this show that you thought was just eye candy beat ABC’s mythological behemoth at its own game? Ah, those were the days.

So how has the show continued, and held onto its incredibly loyal fanbase for so long?

Primarily its the characters,” says the shows creator, Eric Kripke, who was at the Saturn Awards to receive the Dan Curtis Legacy Award. “It started with the brothers,” he adds, “It starts with Jared (Padelecki – aka Sam Winchester) and Jensen (Ackles – aka Dean Winchester), and their chemistry, and how complicated and interesting they make Sam and Dean.”

He continues, “The truth of the show is that sometimes the monsters and the story lines are great, and sometimes they’re not, but the characters are always complex, and emotional, and real, and I think that’s what draws people in. And I would add to that once you bring in Castiel, and Crowley, and like, these two brothers have sort of evolved into a family, but it’s the same notion, and I think people are just in love with the characters.”

Padelecki and Ackles are aware of that love, and the responsibility they feel to the fans who have stood by them for 11 years now.  “Jensen and I, we treat every episode like a new basketball game and you gotta win every time.” He adds, “we take it very seriously. We work our asses off. We really just try to make sure we commit as much as we possibly can to the characters. Film is forever right?”

“I love Sam, and Jensen loves Dean, and I don’t wanna do Sam wrong. So i’m conscious of the fact that Sam deserves my everything, and I think [Jensen] gives his everything.”

That dedication shows in every episode, and the dedication of the fans that follow.

Supernatural returns to the CW Thursdays this fall.

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