Saturn Awards – Interviews with the Cast of ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’

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At this year’s 42nd Annual Saturn Awards we had the pleasure of chatting it up with a couple of stars from The CW’s DC Universe. Echo Kellum and John Barrowman who play Curtis Holt and Malcolm Merlyn, respectively, on Arrow, as well as The Flash‘s Violett Beane, all had something to say about the future of their respective shows and the directions they’d like to see their characters go.

Echo Kellum was on hand to present an awards at the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards

Echo Kellum was on hand to present an awards at the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards

Echo Kellum, who was introduced in Arrow‘s fourth season and has since become a series regular, wants to see his character become more involved with Team Arrow both on and off the field. In the series it has been heavily implied that Curtis Holt may eventually evolve into Mr. Terrific, despite being named Michael Holt in the comics.

Kellum is definitely looking to fully embrace his character’s potential superhero persona, hoping to eventually don the character’s classic leather jacket and ‘T’ on his face, as seen to the right. Unfortunately, Kellum couldn’t comment much on what to expect in Arrow‘s season five premiere other than the promise that the series is “really amping up”.

Kellum isn’t the only one hoping to become a full fledged superhero next season. Violett Beane, who plays Jesse Quick on The Flash, shared her disappointment that her character was not granted super-speed following the events of the season two episode, “Rupture”, where both her and Wally West were struck by the particle accelerator that granted The Flash his abilities.

Violett Beane talks Jesse's path in Season 3 of The Flash

Violett Beane talks Jesse’s path in Season 3 of The Flash

While her character ended up returning to Earth-2 with her father Harrison Wells in the season two finale, Beane embraces the possibility of seeing an Earth-1 Jesse Quick and looks forward to seeing what could happen between Jesse and Wally. Anything is possible considering the potential world changing events in the season three premiere entitled “Flashpoint”, inspired by the Geoff Johns written, universe shattering DC Comic of the same name which was also adapted into the feature length animated film Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

Beane also wasn’t afraid of sharing what other series she watches, claiming to be a fan of both Orphan Black and Game of Thrones. Sadly, she did not know the news that Orphan Black would be concluding with it’s fifth season.

Already a geek icon before he joined the cast of Arrow, John Barrowman shared some interesting ideas on the functionality of Malcolm Merlyn’s prosthetic hand. Like his fellow co-star he was not able to share much intel on the upcoming season, but he gladly spoke about his previous role on Doctor Who as Captain Jack Harkness. Barrowman is definitely interested in returning on screen to the role of Harkness and would love to see that character meet River Song, who was played by fellow, occasional Arrow cast member Alex Kingston. Surely, that’s a meet up Whovians wouldn’t mind seeing as well.

Both Arrow and The Flash return with new episodes this October on The CW. Check out the full interviews with Echo Kellum, Violett Beane, and John Barrowman from the 42nd Annual Saturn Awards below and feel free to let us know what you look forward to seeing from their characters in future episodes.

Photos by Alicia Rompage.