Scream, S2 E2- Psycho

Scream S2 E2- Psycho

Last episode Emma came face to face with Killer 2.0. But did she actually see them? Or is she just seeing things? (Wouldn’t be the first time). Brooke thinks Emma’s completely crazy. Her Mom, however, doesn’t. That night, they go back to the farm to face their fears and try to stay on top of supposed Killer 2.0’s plans. But when they arrive, nothing’s there – no Emma photos, no Brandon James mask, not even furniture. Poor Maggie wants to talk about it with Emma the next day, but she’s already on her way to Kieran’s to talk to him about it. Don’t take it personally, Ms. Duval. Sure, you’re going through this “killer on the loose” two (if not three) times and would be a great resource for Em, but Kieran has sexy hair. Kieran compares the whole situation to the loss of his Dad. He’s long gone, but he swears he can still hear him in the other room at times.

Scream S2 E2- Psycho

“What do you mean I have to have adult supervision now? Goodbye bachelor pad.”

Speaking of the boy with the good hair, Kieran gets a wake-up call on living the under-aged bachelor life from Sheriff Miguel. His only option is to move to Atlanta with his Aunt Tina (Karina Logue) and cousin Eli (Sean Grandillo). Scream writers, where is this show set exactly? They state that Atlanta isn’t that far away, yet I can’t imagine this show being set in Georgia. I was going more for Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Maine? Unless, it’s set where it’s actually filmed, Louisiana. Anyone have any ideas on this? Don’t even get me started on wondering what month it is. February? March? Continuity issues aside, the should-be-OTP of the show, but isn’t (that’s Noah and Audrey, but only as friends, okay), have to leave each other. But not if Mama Duval can help. She offers to take Kieran in. But his Aunt Tina has a better idea: she and Eli will just move in. Not only will Kieran have a live-in guardian, but Tina and Eli get to escape their horrible lives back home with Tina’s good-for-nothing boyfriend. I have a feeling we might be hearing more about their previous home life.

Scream S2 E2- Psycho

“Nice to meet you, where you been? I could show you incredible things.” (“Blank Space” should just immediately play whenever he walks in, to be honest).

At school, Noah is completely obsessed with finding out who Audrey’s creepy texter is and if it relates to Piper’s accomplice. Using his virgin super powers (Internet skills), he’s found someone from the Morgue’s comments, EddieKrueger, that saw the accomplice in the flesh! Audrey is not the least bit intrigued in looking into this, especially with Noah. It’s just one step closer to him finding out that Piper’s accomplice has been standing right in front of him this whole time. He’s already probably wondering what’s up with her since she practically cornered that Haley girl and accused her of being Killer 2.0. It just so happened she was texting her boyfriend at the time. Classic case of wrong place at the wrong time. I still don’t like you, Haley!

The Lakewood Five realize just how Jake-less they’ve been over the past couple of days. No one’s heard from him or seen him. It’s just “Jake being Jake,” they all say. When does it become too long, to the point where they should worry? Apparently right now for Brooke. She’s throwing a potential boob pic out there in hopes of getting a quick response.

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