Scream, S2 E1- I Know What You Did Last Summer

Scream S2 E1- I Know What You Did Last Summer
Scream S2 E1- I Know What You Did Last Summer

“I’m always one step ahead of the Killer…they’re right behind me, aren’t they?”

When MTV’s Scream first aired last year, we had no idea what to expect. All we knew was that MTV was taking the cult classic Scream franchise and making it into a TV series. Some people probably hated the pilot, others probably loved it. I was in the middle. Having not seen the movie franchise a million times if at all, I watched the first episode on a whim. Little did I know I would be full blown in love with this show. If the Killer were to call me up and ask, “What’s your favorite scary TV series?” I’d say Scream. The first season saw Emma, Audrey, Noah, and the rest of Lakewood’s residents deal with a killer on the loose and their friends getting axed within each episode. Emma got threatening texts and unknown calls from the Killer and handled it so well, like the final girl pro that she is. But with the masked killer’s identity revealed as Piper in the last season’s finale, and later killed, it’s all over, right? Wrong, so wrong. It’s a slasher TV series, there’s always someone else taking up where the original perpetrator left off. Or in Noah’s eyes, it’s Piper’s accomplice finishing the job. Noah, Audrey’s a little busy getting threatened by said new killer. Not to mention, with her new job at the Lakewood theater.

Scream S2 E1- I Know What You Did Last Summer

“Can you please sign this so your character will never fall victim to the ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope?”

In the beginning of the season premiere, Audrey found herself the butt of a horrible prank, which I went more into detail of when MTV released the first 7 minutes of the season premiere. Long story short: two fellow high school students thought it’d be funny to mess with one of the Lakewood Six by donning the Brandon James mask and getting all stabby via a faux attacker. What does Audrey do out of self defense? Stab him of course. The kids are pissed at Audrey for trying to protect herself. Lakewood’s new sheriff, Miguel Acosta (Anthony Ruiviva), is on Team Audrey. Act of self defense over conducting a triggering prank that is bound to go horribly wrong? Kids, what did you think was going to happen? Besides, Audrey’s kick ass battle is going viral. First your make-out session with Rachel (RIP), now this? I think this is a sign that you should make your own YouTube channel. Take notes from Noah on his new podcast, The Morgue.

At Kieran’s house, everyone is waiting for Emma’s return from her therapy retreat. Our final girl arrives and all is well. It’s beautiful to see how close these six individuals have become. Unfortunately they had to go through hell to form this bond, but I think it just goes to show how little those trivial high school cliques mean to them now. “I’m back here because I want to get back to normal,” Emma tells her friends, “it would really suck if you started acting weird around me.” Act weird around her, they do not. Emma’s last time at school was a literal meltdown for her. With Audrey’s hand in hers and her friends by her side, our final girl’s got this.

Scream S2 E1- I Know What You Did Last Summer

“If I get one more person asking me about Piper Shaw…I’ll either go all Brandon James on them or cry uncontrollably.”

With Branson no longer strutting the halls of George Washington High, looking for more underage girls to date, we need a new class to be the focal point/only classroom. That class is Psychology with Miss Karen Lang (Austin Highsmith). Unlike Mr. Branson/Palmer, Karen is the cool teacher that doesn’t sleep with her students. The subject for the class leads to dreams and how they affect your psychosis. This show being Scream and Noah being him, of course horror films such as Nightmare on Elm Street are mentioned. But Noah is not the star horror buff anymore. He has competition in the name of Gustavo Acosta (Santiago Segura), the new Sheriff’s son. Sure he knows all about horror comics, but dude spends the class drawing a bloodied graphic of Emma. If that doesn’t spell ‘killer suspect’, I don’t know what does.

The last new character we are introduced to is Zoe Vaughn (Kiana Brown). If we’re going to keep comparing characters to one another, I would say Zoe could be seen as either a girl version of Noah or perhaps Riley (RIP)? What’s interesting about Zoe is that the characters already know of her (as we see Emma wave to her as she walks into class). That means that she was present for last season’s killings. Could she be the one picking up where Piper left off? Anything is possible.

Remember Brooke and Jake’s budding relationship throughout the first season, aka Mitzgerald? Well, it’s now a full blown relationship and also super secret from everyone (mainly Mr. Maddox). The pair breaks into the school’s pool and makes their own pool party out of it. When it comes to secret relationships, someone always wants to go public. That someone is surprisingly Jake. Brooke probably would have agreed, had Jake not brought up Branson and Brooke’s previous (illegal) relationship with him. Not to mention, claiming that Brooke loved the sneaking around aspect of it. Low blow dude. Their last words to each other may be an argument, but after Brooke’s exit the Jake lets out a soft, “I love you.” I think we all know what is about to happen to our post douche-almost decent being, Jake.

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