‘Me Before You’ Cast, Director, & Author, Discuss the Film & the Making of It

Me Before YouDid anyone see the much-talked-about film, Me Before You, over the weekend? Even with all of the controversy surrounding it, the film did quite well.

Prior to the film’s release, actors Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, director Thea Sharrock, and author/screenwriter JoJo Moyes gave an interview for Warner Brothers on the adaptation and making of the film and more.

The book’s author, JoJo Moyes, also wrote the screenplay for the film. Films and books are two completely different mediums, so Moyes simply couldn’t copy and paste the book’s text into a script format and call it a day. However, throughout the interview, JoJo explains how much she wanted to capture the essence of the book: “Let’s go back to the book. Let’s go back to the book,” Moyes and director Thea Sharrock would mention to one another during the writing process.

Moyes understands how wonderful it is to finally see your favorite characters come to life on screen. “Then you get the opportunity to see them and share it with others,” she explained about the book being adapted into a film. It was not an easy task finding their Will and Lou. Hundreds of people auditioned for the roles and Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin were cast as the leads.

Clarke and Claflin are known for their roles in Game of Thrones and the Hunger Games, but they weren’t always household names. The two go into detail about their jobs before (or even during in some cases) acting: lots of waiting tables and working in retirement homes.

The film is definitely centered around on emotions, both happy and sad. In order to act out the more emotional scenes, Emilia brought up an excellent point when executing the emotions in those scenes. “Actors are naturally emphatic and sponge-like,” Clarke begins. “When you read a story, you understand it, because you’ve lived it.” It all comes down to the writing and directing. If it’s written in such a way, the actor shouldn’t have to constantly mutter to themselves, “my dog is dead, my dog is dead.” The actor should just be able to put themselves in that moment due to the writing.

Has anyone seen Me Before You? Thoughts?

As mentioned above, major controversy has been spoken of and discussed about this film and the character Will’s actions towards the end of the film. If anyone would like to share their opinions on the matter, they can of course do so in the comments below. But this writer advises that you discuss this matter respectfully.

Me Before You is now playing in theaters everywhere!