Beauty and the Beast: new villain revealed

beauty and the beast season 4A mysterious new villain was revealed in Thursday’s season 4 premiere of Beauty and the Beast.

According to a report by TVGuide, this new villain is intent on hunting beasts, not to use them as weapons or to steal their super strength, but to gather them as trophies. Apparently, this unknown beast collector is exceedingly wealthy, willing to pay as much as $5 million for Vincent’s head. While this mysterious benefactor isn’t hunting beasts himself, he is hiring top-level assassins to do the job for him.

So far no details have been revealed about why this unnamed villain is targeting beasts.

This poses a major problem for the newly married Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristen Kreuk), who may not appreciate having professional killers chasing after them during their honeymoon. Hopefully, they will be able to weather this latest storm in the last season of the show.

Beauty and the Beast season 4 airs every Thursday on the CW.