Galavant cast talks future in stage, streaming

Galavant GroupThe Galavant team go into detail about the possible plans for the show’s narrative, what platform would best fit the show, and how the fans can get involved.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Galavant showrunner Jonh Hoberg, series director and executive producer Chris Hoch, and stars Karen David (Isabella), Timothy Omundson (King Richard), and Genevieve Allenbury (Queen of Valencia) discussed the show’s future after it was cancelled by ABC. A vigorous fan movement called #MoreGalavant, which included a petition for the return of the show, countless fan letters sent to various networks, and other fun campaign activities made such an impact that the cast released an epic music video to express their gratitude and appreciation for the fans’ support.

Speaking of Galavant continuing through a streaming service, Chris Koch mentioned Hulu and Netflix. John Hoberg added that the style of having a full season being released all at once would be a good fit for the musical. Hoberg said:

“I think it would work incredibly well for the show. It’s such a binge-watch show. A lot of the fans watched it on iTunes or recorded it. It’s definitely written to be episodic and actually stopped doing recaps at the beginning of the episodes and just trusted audiences that they were following along. Having the ability to watch episodes back-to-back would work well for the whole system of Galavant.”

On the possibility of the show moving to the stage, an option raised by the recent tweets of Alan Menken, Hoberg said:

“… Truthfully, I think it would make an incredible stage play. There is already amazing music that we can expand upon. The hard part would be keeping the show under two hours.”

The possible paths for the Galavant characters

With star Joshua Sasse recently cast in the CW apocalyptic romantic comedy, No Tomorrow, the Galavant creators were asked about how the show would continue should it be picked up again.

Koch said that while it would be good for Sasse to be involved, there were ways that the show could work around his absence since it is “a magical world where anything can happen.”

Hoberg added:

“I know we’ve talked about that Galavant is the concept of the show, not really a person. It’s a send up of Game of Thrones

It’s an incredible ensemble, first and foremost, but season 1 we definitely focused around Galavant, Season 2 we followed Richard, so it’s pretty loose with whom we can follow and where we can go.”

Galavant IsabellaThe actors had their own ideas about where there characters could go.

Allenbury said: “She’s living a life of royalty that keeps her from seeing anything outside of her privileged thoughts. I could see her being taken to wild and wacky places. I wait with anticipation for more!”

David said that she’d love to see Isabella weather “the ups and downs of marriage and the post-marriage connection of Isabella and Galavant.” She also wanted to have a Fairy Godmother in the form of RuPaul or Dame Edna.

Omundson said he’d like to see how King Richard would be as a proper leader and he added that he would love to see “[Richard] and Roberta’s relationship coming to fruition.”

He also mentioned that Isabella was already a Galavant, and that there were still intriguing stories to tell about Madalena (Mallory Jansen) and her journey to the dark side, as well as her love story with Gareth (Vinnie Jones.)

Koch and David then talked about how fans could continue to get involved in helping bring the show back. Koch mentioned that he would bring all the petitions to show creator Dan Fogelman’s house where they would make a game plan. David encouraged fans to continue sending letters and emails to Hulu or Netflix, as well as to keep using #MoreGalavant in their social media in order to bring more attention to the show.