Reign, S3 E14- To the Death

Mary is so close to returning to Scotland, I can almost taste it. So can she, but in order for her to arrive there safely she needs one heck of an army. To get one, she unfortunately needs the Vatican’s money.

As does Catherine actually, who’s looking to put a stop to the Red Knight’s return once and for all. If you were the Vatican, which Queen would you give money to? The younger one you just had a plan with, or the older queen who’s probably given you trouble throughout the years?

These two need all the luck they can get.

These two need all the luck they can get.

The Vatican gives money to allow Mary to seek out an army (four for you Mary! You go Mary!), and none for Catherine de’ Medici, bye. Catherine goes to great lengths to raise funds, like asking her ex-lover and all around not great guy, Narcisse, to find a way to get money. His only idea is to tax the people of France even more! That only results in them being extremely angered and despising all royals – to the point of throwing food at Catherine and Charles’ carriage as they try to arrive to the villages to tell them the good news. Since that plan backfired, it’s time for a new one. Charles decides to sneak away to the Alps with Narcisse in tow later that night. This gambling plot can only end either really well or really poorly.

With Mary, Bash has shown her the direction to a skilled army that’ll be to her liking. In return for all of the gold the Vatican gave her, Mary asks for the army to do her a favor. Sneak Lord Castleroy out of jail, and the job to be Mary’s army is theirs. It’s a deal.

Why does Castleroy need to be taken out of prison, you ask? Well, Mary’s finally found out about Greer’s pregnancy (via the classic walk-in) and will do anything to give that baby a good life. Once freed from prison Castleroy is a mess, and in desperate need of medical attention and a shower. And just like you’d think, Lord Castleroy does not wish to be a father to this unborn-not-even-his-child. But all it takes for him to change his mind is for Mary to speak of the lingering embers of their love that are still inside both of them. Regardless of whether or not Greer loved him more than Leith at the time, they still have a strong connection. Thinking about this Castleroy agrees, and the two are off to a faraway land to raise this child and leave this show forever. “Everyone I love leaves,” Mary cries to Bash after Greer’s carriage has left.

You know who hasn’t left (but soon will. Shh, don’t tell Mary.)? Bash. Those embers Mary spoke of for Castleroy and Greer? Bash feels the same way about her. “Those embers, they keep me warm, and they will for as long as I am lucky to serve you,” Bash confesses to Mary. “Mash” fans, it’s your lucky day! Looks like the writers are taking those embers and trying to build a fire again with this pair. What do you think will happen with them up until the end of season three? And is this the last we’ll see of Greer? I sure hope not. Boy, Martin’s going to surprised to return to France and discover Greer’s not there.

"I must always be seen as Henry's daughter. But in my heart, I can be something so much different."

“I must always be seen as Henry’s daughter. But in my heart, I can be something so much different.”

Meanwhile in England, it’s the annual jubilee for Elizabeth’s father, King Henry the 8th. What should be a joyous event, instead plagues her with the horrible memories of her mother’s death. But this time, she’s going to get revenge on her Mom’s best friend, Beatrice Somerset. Beatrice testified against Liz’s Mom, Anne Boleyn, accusing her of incest and other horrible matters. All of this resulted in Anne’s beheading.

But now, Elizabeth is going to use Lola to arrest Beatrice once and for all. At the party, Liz has Lola plant some of Lizzie’s pearls in Beatrice’s purse. Of course, the pearls fall to the ground in a heap and Lola’s found herself arrested alongside Miss Somerset.

Does Lola squeal on all of this being Elizabeth’s idea? Not at all. And in return for Lola’s loyalty, Lola finally gets to see her son after months! John’s walking now! I gotta admit how much I like Elizabeth and Lola’s friendship (even if it did start out with Lola being her prisoner of sorts.)
Plus, Elizabeth learns the truth of her Mother and Father’s past. King Henry the 8th was terrible beyond reason. One could call him abusive and he despised Elizabeth because she wasn’t a son. Anne did sleep with her brother, George, but that was only to finally have a son. It’s then that Elizabeth realizes she has to rule like her father, but in her heart have her mother’s purest intentions.

"You are brave, perhaps wise, and definitely loyal." -Elizabeth to Lola.

“You are brave, perhaps wise, and definitely loyal.” -Elizabeth to Lola.

That gambling plot I spoke of earlier with Narcisse and Charles? It was just as any viewer would suspect. Charles won four times the amount of money he needed in knucklebones. But then he gets too cocky for his own good and loses all of it in the next roll. Our King of France, ladies and gentlemen. There is a more challenging and brutal game downstairs if they want all of their money and then some back.

It’s your typical “fight to the death” match. The champion is a big burly guy that has had one too many to drink, Narcisse can tell. Using this to his advantage, Narcisse is able to win the match! France can have an army against the Red Knights! Don’t cheer yet. The joke ends up being on Catherine and Charles, at dinner later. Courtesy of the Red Knights, all of the generals and guests at the dinner are poisoned, except our favorite royals. They’re left in a terrible position now. What else will the Red Knights throw their way?

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3.15: “Safe Passage: aired Monday May 23rd at 8/7c on the CW! The trailer can be viewed below.

After all this time, Mary is finally returning back to Scotland! Excuse me while I cry over Mary and Catherine’s sure-to-be heartbreaking goodbyes. Plus, what will come of the revisited ship, Mary and Bash?

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