Galavant heading for the stage

Galavant castThe musical adventures of Galavant may have come to an end on television for now, but fans will be glad to know a stage show is in the works.

Fans of the musical medieval fairytale were dismayed to learn that Galavant had been cancelled after two seasons. The unique, hilarious, brilliant musical show that played around cleverly with fairy tale tropes had a short but memorable run on ABC.

But the good news is  that the show’s lead composer, Alan Menken, has confirmed that the project is being adapted to the stage, according to a report by Playbill.

While Menken confirmed as much in a tweet, he didn’t reveal any further details about this project.

Galavant starred Joshua Sasse, Timothy Omundson, Karen David, Mallory Jansen, Vinnie Jones, and Luke Youngblood. The show also had various guest stars during its two-season run.

Meanwhile, Galavant fans have not yet given up on the television show, signing a petition and spreading the love for the show, hoping it might be picked up by streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. Fans have been contacting Hulu to try and show their appreciation of the show and how much they would like to see it continue.

In an interview on CarterMatt, Galavant star Karen David spoke more about the campaign:

“First of all, a lot of fans have written in and asked ‘why Hulu, because Netflix and Amazon are amazing.’ We’re not on Netflix, and Amazon, we are, but Hulu we’re also on. The main reason why we’re going for Hulu and we’re encouraging fans to go for Hulu is because first and foremost, Disney owns a part of Hulu. Hulu and Disney can see their ratings, so there’s a partnership and there’s a stronger chance of being picked up at Hulu than anywhere else … for now, at this time. Hulu is best-known for rescuing shows like The Mindy Project, so they’ve set that precedent…”

A movement to promote the show, called #MoreGalavant, has begun for fans to try and campaign for a continuation somewhere. Read more about the movement HERE.

Watch this space for more news about the fate of Galavant.

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