Reign, S3 E13- Strange Bedfellows

Mary proves throughout this show that women can dress "girly"/fancy and still kick ass. Also, I still want this outfit.

Mary proves throughout this show that women can dress “girly”/fancy and still kick ass. Also, I still want this outfit.

Last episode, Mary and Gideon were trying to find a way to stop the Vatican’s plan and save Elizabeth’s life without her knowing. The whole thing sounds complicated and tricky as hell, but not when you have a new ally to the English Queen in the French court.

That ally? Elizabeth’s favorite, Robert Dudley, and Mary’s new fiancée. While getting to know each other over a game of archery, they both agree to make their marriage a happy one and of mutual liking. They know they aren’t in love with each other, so there’s no point in pretending otherwise. Elizabeth would probably eat Mary alive if that was the case. Mary may be happy with her engagement to Robert, but she’s even happier with Gideon (who she has quite the sex scene with). Here’s the thing: Mary isn’t actually going to marry Robert; she’s certain they can stop the Vatican’s plan.

Mary and Gideon realize that once Elizabeth and herself are “out of the way” (dead), they will want to appoint a Catholic King. The only obvious option is a distant cousin of Mary’s, Joseph Tudor. After talking to Catherine (who of course is totally on Team Mary), they realize that the Archbishop has been in contact with Tudor while he’s been hiding from Elizabeth in France. Note to self: when someone says they have “holy errands” to run, follow them. Late that night, Gideon poses as a priest at Tudor’s residence and well, the next sounds we hear are Tudor getting hit over the head with some heavy object. Gideon, what did you do?

Before I get into that, let’s discuss one of two outstanding side plots played throughout this episode. Against Martin’s wishes (who hasn’t exactly been present since finding out), Greer has still decided to give the baby to her sister Ellen and her husband, Thomas. From the look at her stomach, it seems she’s due at any second. Unfortunately, they’ve hit a small snag in their plan. Someone has found out about Greer’s child and are blackmailing them: their silence in return for some serious gold. Who you gonna call to stop this? Leith! Okay, so he was in the area already, but he is happy to help.

Leith is going to help track down the blackmailer and make sure the transaction goes smoothly with them and Thomas. After finding out Leith’s weekend plans, Claude is eager to help as well. “She’s going to have a pirate baby!” Claude exclaims upon hearing Greer’s current status. All hilarity aside, can we take a moment to appreciate Cleith? The pair are there for each other through thick and thin. Does Claude get jealous that Leith has a plan with his ex? Absolutely not. She feels sorry for her and will do anything to help. Like act as a bar wench at the tavern the meetup’s taking place in.

Thanks to her, they come to find this blackmail was a setup. Thomas and Ellen were going to take Greer’s money and run. They don’t want to just be the babysitters to Greer’s child. While that’s understandable, you don’t take the newborn child and run! Needless to say, Greer wants them out of her life forever. I guess she’s going to raise this child on her own after all. The question is: will Martin be in the picture?

"What do you mean I might not be in Season 4?"

“What do you mean I might not be in Season 4?”

The following day, Joseph Tudor turns up missing and Gideon is the number one suspect. It’s the dungeon and eventually death for you. He swears to Mary that he didn’t kill him, only put him on a boat back to England. But is he telling the truth? We never really find out and now I’m not sure how i feel about Gideon. Prior to being locked up, Gideon leaves a note for his unlikely ally: Robert Dudley. Blackburn asks him to return to England and tell Elizabeth the Vatican’s plan. The next scene, Dudley’s in England! I really want to know how these people can travel back and forth between countries so fast, especially without airplanes/cars.

Elizabeth is excited to see Robert, but not excited to hear about the Vatican’s plan for her. She dismisses Mary as her successor and is outraged that people in her court would lie to her face about this! It’s settled, there will be no successor to Elizabeth. Elizabeth will rule until her dying day, and only afterwards will they pick the best candidate to follow her reign. Long live the queen! How female empowered this show is astounds me sometimes.

"Who run the world, archbishop? Girls."

“Who run the world, archbishop? Girls.”

The past has come back to haunt Catherine, with the Red Knights back in her life. She assures her youngest, King Charles, that they will in no way affect his reign. Bash is on the case. He tries to track down descendants of the Knights, but the only son is a man that was orphaned as a boy because of his father’s lineage. Why would he want to help his late father when he never knew his family? But upon exiting his place, Bash finds a potential Red Knight. Bash injures him on horseback in response to him killing the Red Knight descendant. You think this is bad? Just wait until the guy gets ahold of the devilish duo, Catherine and Christophe. (Never thought I’d write that sentence).

Using Chris’ unique skills at torture, Catherine tries to get some answers out of him. While this scene was interesting to watch, we got little to no information out of him besides the obvious hatred he carries. But I think we have more intriguing matters to discuss: Catherine and Christophe. Last we saw of them, Chris was blackmailing Cat. Now they’re basically partners? Not just that, but Christophe is still very smitten with the Queen-turned-regent. He vows to protect her and sleep at the foot of her bed and insists on maintaining a sexual relationship with her. They definitely win the award for Most Complicated Relationship. Will Christophe continue to be a friend over foe? And what information will they learn about the Red Knights?

What did everyone think of Reign, 3.13: “Strange Bedfellows”?

3.14: “To the Death” airs tonight, Monday May 16th, at 8/7c on the CW. The trailer can be viewed below.

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