The First Seven Minutes of Scream’s Second Season are Here!

Audrey Jensen, our favorite bi-curious badass

Audrey Jensen, our favorite bi-curious badass

Whenever Friday the 13th rolls around, we always think the feared date will cause something eerie or scary to happen throughout the day. MTV’s Scream made that happen for us.  At 6/5pmc, the TV series partook in a Facebook Live screening, which they dubbed “#ScreamLive“.

Not only did they air the first 7 minutes of the upcoming season premiere, the first portion of the live event began with a unique setup of its own “murder mystery,” if you will. The show’s Tom Maden (Jake Fitzgerald) was the host to a group of super fan Scream attendees, extremely excited to watch the preview. But just as it’s about to start, the lights go out and screams erupt in the room. MTV thought you were such huge fans of Scream, that they unleashed a killer upon you and is killing you off one by one. I’m totally kidding. It’s obviously actors creating this mirage that they’re in danger. Honestly, while it was a creative attempt at promoting the show, I personally just wanted to see the sneak peek of the actual show. However, I did enjoy the actors using the viewer’s comments to move the story along and such.

As for the sneak peek? Similar to how the pilot episode featured a cameo from Bella Thorne, the second season premiere has Vine star LeLe Pons as the victim. You know you’re getting old when you have no clue who half of these internet stars are nowadays, and I’m only 25! But don’t worry, the killer hasn’t already started slashing people. It’s a film that’s playing at the Lakewood theater where Audrey works. How she can sit there casually during a scary movie screening after last season is beyond me. We see Audrey has been receiving some texts by an unknown person. Could it be the new killer letting her know all about their knowledge of her involvement with Piper? It’s definitely not Noah, who calls her wanting to know if it’s cool of him to ask Emma to be on his podcast. Absolutely not. The girl is just returning back from a retreat!

Things don’t really get on the creepy/harmful side for Audrey until she’s closing up the theater. She thinks the killer has returned and is inside the theater. After stabbing said killer, the killer and his “victim” let her know it was all a prank! I’m sorry but that is not a prank!  Even if it were, why would you bestow it upon someone who has lived through that and would probably find it very triggering?! No wonder she stabbed you, kid!

We’ll have to see how the rest of this episode plays out in a couple of weeks.

Both the live screening event and the sneak peek are posted below.

Scream returns on Monday May 30th at 11/10c on MTV.

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