Goodbye For Agent Carter

agent carterThursday, ABC sadly announced that Marvel’s Agent Carter would not be returning next year. This announcement confirmed what many viewers feared due to the second season’s mixed reviews. With the low ratings and ABC’s reluctance to announce renewal, many expected this announcement to come. Agent Carter is only one of the several causalities of ABC this week, as many shows faced the heavy hand of the axe in this massacre.

This just might mean that Agent Carter fans are doomed to seek small cameo roles in flashbacks for their Peggy Carter fix. Sadly even that is becoming unlikely with the release of Civil War and the end of Peggy’s story line. If that wasn’t enough, Agents of Shield hopped on the bandwagon with a tie-in tribute, thus staking the nail in the demise of Agent Carter.

Fans showed their dedication to the show by doing what they do best: turning to Twitter in hopes that ABC might change their mind. Hours after, the hashtag #renewagentcarter was trending. Or better yet, some fans are hopeful for Netflix to take over and save their show, starting a petition to urge them to take on yet another network show and make it Netflix magic.

We first met Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. She was one of the first film depictions in Marvel of a kick ass female character who could stand on her own and play with the boys, refusing to do what was expected of her. She really came to life, after her various cameos, when Agent Carter’s first season released, showing our favorite gal taking names and finding answers all in a fashionable pantsuit. She was a bad ass breaking rules before Jessica Jones was on the scene.

Hopefully this won’t be the last we see of Peggy Carter, as she has more than one story still to unfold. We still do not know who she marries, anything about her children, and where her niece came from. And are we supposed to just let that mention of Peggy meeting John F. Kennedy pass on by without knowing the backstory?

What do you think of the cancellation and the character development planted throughout the Marvel universe to bring about the end of Agent Carter? Let us know in the comments below.