Galavant cancelled by ABC after two seasons

Galavant Joshua SasseGalavant has sung its last Happily Ever After as the fantasy musical show is cancelled by ABC.

After two seasons of medieval musical mayhem Galavant has taken a bow, as the series was recently cancelled by ABC, according to Entertainment Weekly. Galavant is just one of the victims of a wave of cancellations, as Agent Carter and Castle were also axed by the network.

Despite acquiring a passionate fan base, the fairytale musical show did not rake in ratings that would classify it as a commercial success. The renewal for the second season came as a surprise last year (referenced in the show itself during the season premiere) and given the low ratings it received this year, a renewal for a third season seemed unlikely. But fans did not give up hope so easily, and tried to show as much support for the show as they could. And though the major storylines were wrapped up in the season finale, enough threads were left open for a potential third season.

Galavant featured songs written by Alan Menken (writer of everyone’s favorite classic Disney songs) and chronicled the adventures of Sir Galavant (Joshua Sasse), a heroic knight on the quest to rescue his true love. In the first season this was Madalena (Mallory Jansen), who ended up becoming queen and ruling a kingdom while ousting her then-husband King Richard (Timothy Omundson). On his journey to rescue Madalena, Galavant falls in love with the valiant Princess Isabella (Karen David) who is unfortunately stuck in her cousin’s kingdom at the end of the first season. The second season followed the unusual pairing of Galavant and Richard as they tried to find true love and fulfill their destinies. Each episode featured several catchy tunes sung by the cast of colorful characters.

Guest stars during the second season included Kylie Minogue, Sheridan Smith, Nick Frost, Reece Shearsmith, Eddie Marsan, Matt Lucas, and Weird Al Yankovic. The first season had guest stars like Ricky Gervais, Hugh Bonneville, and Anthony Head.

Despite the cancellation of the show, Galavant himself, Joshua Sasse, will be starring in a new bucket list comedy on The CW entitled No Tomorrow, EW reports.

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