MTV’s ‘Scream’ Second Season Trailer Depicts More Kills and Thrills!

Who's under the mask this time around?

Who’s under the mask this time around?

MTV’s Scream is back – almost. Last week, the official second season trailer was released, and we finally got a glimpse into our favorite thriller film series turned TV series.

Welcome back Scream viewers, and welcome back Emma Duval, who has spent a few months away in therapy/treatment. I wonder if she got the ‘final girl’ discount while there. “I’m back here because I want to get back to normal,” Emma tells her friends: the rest of the Scream cast. “It would really suck if you started acting weird around me.” Honey, acting weird around you isn’t the problem. It’s having yet another masked killer to deal with, that’s the problem!

As the minute long trailer continues, we see just how “stab happy” our new masked foe really is. This season, it seems that Audrey is getting all of the stalking and creepy phone calls. They know what Audrey did last summer time, and they’re not letting her forget it. “But how involved was Audrey in Piper’s killings/stalkings?” said me and I’m sure the rest of the Scream fandom.

The killer isn’t only going to antagonize Audrey until she breaks (as shown yelling at Noah to stop investigating into Piper’s possible partner – say that three times fast). They’re going to kill in their spare time. We see two possible deaths in this trailer alone, three if you count Brooke Maddox’s (Carlson Young) epic shot of her covered in blood, screaming. Or maybe that’s just Scream‘s reference to Carrie?

This live stream is gonna be killer.

This live stream is gonna be killer. Credit: MTV

Who do you think is the new killer in town? Could it be an old fave or one of the several new characters that have moved to Lakewood?

The trailer can be viewed below.

Dying to see footage of the new episodes of Scream? It being Friday the 13th and all, MTV and Scream are partnering with Facebook to live stream the first 7 minutes of the second season premiere. At 6/5c, head to the Scream Facebook page (or Periscope, I believe) to watch, hosted by the show’s own Tom Madden (Jake Fitzgerald). Maybe a killer live chat will follow?

New episodes of Scream air Monday May 30th at 11/10c on MTV.


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