Gael Garcia Bernal is the new Zorro

Gael Garcia Bernal ZorroMexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal has been announced to play the legendary swordsman Zorro for an upcoming reboot.

According to a report by Deadline, director Jonas Cuaron will be working with Garcia Bernal (with whom he did the film Desierto) for a reboot of Zorro in a film entitled Z. Cuaron introduced this project at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year and it will be written and directed by Cuaron himself.

Garcia Bernal recently won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his role in the series Mozart in the Jungle. He is also known for his film roles in The Motorcycle Diaries and Babel.

Z is set in the near future and is described as a re-imagining of the classic legend about the heroic masked swashbuckler, Zorro.

Producer Mark Abin of Sobini films, had this to say about Garcia Bernal’s casting:

“I have always loved Gael for this role…Zorro is a hero who is charming, witty and clever. Gael possesses all those characteristic and he’s able to deliver them with a modern spin to introduce the Zorro character to a new audience.”

This iconic character was previously brought to life on the big screen by Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro and its sequel, The Legend of Zorro.

Watch this space for more news about Z.