Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep5 – Captive

Fear the Walking Dead was full this week of tension and narrow escapes as the characters dealt with the aftermath of last week’s attack. Though their predicament was complex, in the end the resolution was fairly simple and Connor proved to be not so worthy an adversary.

Travis and Alicia were taken by Connor’s crew aboard their massive ship and both tried to make plans to escape and get back to their family. Meanwhile, Madison and the rest had a hostage in the form of Connor’s jerk brother who was impaled on a stick and tied to a chair. Daniel paid him no mind but Chris was obviously rattled by the dying man’s taunts. So it was a certainty that the moment Daniel left Chris alone with their only bargaining chip, the young man would do something ill-advised. Like kill the prisoner because “he was about to turn.” Oh, Chris. He did share a touching moment with Madison.

Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep5 - CaptiveAlicia does her best to manipulate Jack, taking advantage of his obvious attraction to her. But these efforts pretty much fizzled out into nothing, and all it really took for Alicia to escape was a well-timed jump into the water and a swim to her parents’ raft. Jack sadly watched her go and something makes me suspect that this won’t be the last we see of him. What unpleasantness will he bring to Fear the Walking Dead, I wonder?

This episode also saw the return of Alex, the girl from Flight 462 whom Strand had cut loose a couple of episodes ago. She took her vengeance on them by selling them out to Connor, and it’s clear by the sinister way she speaks to Travis that she isn’t done. She’s scary but she’s fascinating, and I hope we get to see more of her as the season progresses. There’s an element of unpredictability about her that is intriguing and she certainly makes more of an impact as a character than many of the others in the main group.

Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep5 - CaptiveFear the Walking Dead continues to show us that the most reliable people in the group are Strand, Nick, Madison, and Daniel. It was the latter’s plan to cover up the head of their zombie prisoner and pass him off as alive. This helps the group not only make the trade, but also get rid of Connor and a couple of his henchmen. For all his seeming pragmatism, he still was not aware of the dangers a walker could bring. And apparently, people aren’t accustomed enough to the zombie apocalypse to recognize the weird noises as a danger sign.

All these shenanigans frustrated Luis, who did not appreciate the delay in getting to Baja. He also reminded everyone of a pending problem wherein he only has enough money to smuggle in two people, and not a whole boatload of dysfunctional family. We’ll see how this major source of tension somehow gets resolved as the season progresses. The characters have been lucky so far, not that they would know since they have no idea of the plight of everyone in The Walking Dead. But even luck can run out and when it does, they will have to pull themselves together to survive.

Next week on Fear the Walking Dead,  the way to Baja is fraught with more danger than anyone expects.