Arrow, S4 Ep20 – Genesis

Following the tragic demise of Laurel, a.k.a. Black Canary, Team Arrow is still mourning the loss of their friend. Even though their friend’s death still hangs over their heads, the team must remain focused as Damien Darhk has escaped and is going forward with his sinister plans. “Genesis” splits the team into three very different directions. Diggle sets out to find the brother that betrayed him, Thea gets away from Star City to clear her head, and Ollie travels to Hub City in search of a power that can stop Darhk.

Arrow, S4 Ep20 - Genesis 4

Diggle faces off against his brother

“Genesis” executes three subplots very effectively and wisely excludes any boring flashback scenes this time around. Surprisingly, Diggle’s story arc seems to be the most compelling and important of this week’s subplots. Diggle continues to search for his brother and his altercation with him leads to some shocking results. For the most part Diggle always believes that his brother can be turned around and brought to his side, and this mentality continues to cause Diggle to be on the receiving end of his brother’s attacks.

Diggle escaping his brother and H.I.V.E. only to find out they placed a tracer on him to locate him later is a very common trope, but it allowed the viewers to find out that H.I.V.E. has interest in something from Lyla and A.R.G.U.S. The subplot featured an awesome scene involving Diggle riding a motorcycle with his daughter strapped to his back, and also gave Lyla some time to shine as she holds out against Damien Darhk long enough until Ollie comes around to save her. Diggle’s subplot concluded very tragically as he kills his brother, finally coming to terms with the fact that Andy would never come around to his side. I thought this was a very surprising turn of events and it was definitely a moment that made this episode stand out among others.

Ollie’s subplot involved him searching for a power to take down Damien Darhk. This subplot wasn’t as interesting as the Diggle plot, but ended up bringing a game changer to this season’s story. Ollie attempts to harness the power to withstand Darhk’s magical attacks. He attempts to learn this power through a friend of John Constantine, known as Esrin Fontana (Gabriella Wright), which is unfortunate because it would have been much better to just have Matt Ryan reprise his role as Constantine again. Unfortunately, Ollie is not successful at harnessing the power because he has too much dark in him.

This later ends up being untrue as Ollie brings himself face to face with Darhk in order to save Lyla, and discovers he is now able to withstand Darhk’s magic. This wasn’t the most surprising of twists, finding out that Ollie was in fact able to harness the power needed to resist Darhk, and that Fontana was purposely throwing him off. That being said I like the new territory this brings Ollie in, as he now has some magic of his own within him. Although, his revelation as to how to obtain the power and find the light within him came off as kind of cheesy. I doubt his power will evolve into more than just a way of deflecting Darhk’s attacks, though.

Arrow, S4 Ep20 - Genesis 1

Ollie meets a friend of John Constantine

Thea has her own subplot involving a weekend getaway with her boyfriend Alex. Halfway through the subplot we begin to see that not everything is all right with where she and Alex are staying. There are no other people around, Alex is behaving strangely, and Thea notices that the sounds of her environment seem to be on a loop. As it turns out Thea has found herself in Genesis: an artificial, underground world Darhk has created. This episode supplies new information regarding “Genesis,” as we find out that Darhk plans on destroying the entire world and leaving Genesis as the one safe haven. Darhk plans to achieve world wide destruction by using Rubicon, an A.R.G.U.S. contingency plan that can be used to take control of the entire world’s nuclear arsenal. It’s good to see Darhk’s plan finally come into fruition as most of the details surrounding Genesis have been scarce. While Arrow‘s last three major villains were all hellbent on destroying Star City, or portions of Star City, Darhk’s plan is much grander.

Overall, “Genesis” was a solid episode. While Ollie’s subplot wasn’t all that interesting it did bring a much needed game changer to the series. The highlights of “Genesis” definitely revolved around Diggle’s subplot, which featured some fun moments as well as one very tragic one. Also, I cannot stress enough how much I appreciated the fact that there were no flashback scenes in this episode. Most of the time the flashback scenes feel more like filler. The lack of filler in “Genesis” allowed more time to explore the present day plight Team Arrow is facing. If Arrow continues to supply us with episodes of this caliber in the coming weeks, we will hopefully have a better season finale than the last.

In the next episode of Arrow, Vinnie Jones returns as Danny Brickwell after not being seen since early last season. Check out The CW’s official trailer for “Monument Point” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Genesis” in the comments.

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