The Flash, S2 Ep20 – Rupture

Barry, still powerless to stop Zoom, rescue Caitlin, and save Central City, must resort to other measures for meeting his goals. With the help of Cisco, Team Flash develops a Flash hologram that Barry is able to control remotely in order to stop criminals in Central City. While the hologram is good for now, Wells points out that it won’t last and the idea doesn’t bring them any closer to saving Caitlin, thus allowing Wells to further convince his teammates that their only real option is recreating the particle accelerator explosion and giving Barry his speed back.

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Enter Rupture

Adding fuel to the fire, a new villain from Earth-2 with close ties to Cisco makes his way to Central City. Following a failure of a get-together between Cisco and his brother Dante, the two are attacked by a masked villain who draws power from his scythe. That villain goes by the name Rupture (hence the title) and is the Earth-2 doppelganger of Dante, set out for a revenge against Cisco for killing his brother, Reverb. Of course we all know it was Zoom that killed Reverb.

It’s fun seeing yet another Earth-2 version of a character we already know from Earth-1 and I like how this story managed to possibly bring Cisco and his brother closer together. That being said, I still don’t understand why Zoom needs so much help from the villains of Earth-2. It was smart of him to lie to Rupture about who killed Reverb in order to get him on his side, but Zoom seems all powerful and shouldn’t resort to using anyone to do his dirty work.

Zoom continues to feel less and less threatening. In “Rupture” he aims to show the people of Central City that he means business. This results in him going to the CCPD and threatening them. Unfortunately, it seems he has a soft spot for Caitlin who pleads with him not to kill any officers, which he complies to. I haven’t been enjoying seeing this soft side of Zoom, but he at least makes up for it later on in the episode.

Much of “Rupture” revolves around Barry trying to decide whether or not he should take Wells’ advice and attempt to get his powers back via a controlled particle accelerator explosion. Despite Rupture being on the loose, Barry ultimately decides against Wells’ idea and opts to use the hologram to take down Rupture. Team Flash is warned by Caitlin of Rupture’s orders to take down the CCPD, who station themselves at the local coffee shop Jitters. Barry utilizes his hologram idea well and is able to distract Rupture enough for Detective West to take him out.

All seems well until Zoom decides to take matters into his own hands, going to Jitters, killing Rupture for his failure, and murdering every police officer there (with the exception of Detective West and Captain Singh) on live TV. This is the side of Zoom I like to see. It reminds us just how powerful and scary he truly is, as we see him snap the necks of entire coffee shop filled with cops in a second.

Rupture 3

Zoom has a soft spot for Caitlin

Despite warnings from his father, West, and Iris, Barry finally decides to go ahead with Wells’ plans after the CCPD incident. This makes sense as Zoom has beaten Team Flash into desperation, and Barry’s only option is to do anything to get his speed back. The particle accelerator explosion is recreated and controlled within the confines of S.T.A.R. Labs, and Cisco even uses the weather wand to harness some lightning, throwing in yet another Harry Potter reference in the process. Unfortunately, things don’t go according to plan. Wally and Jesse are both hit with the explosion themselves, seemingly setting up at least one of them getting super powers, and Barry himself disintegrates from existence.

Overall, “Rupture” was a satisfying episode. Seeing Barry disintegrate at the end was unexpected and mirrored times in the comics when that has happened. The brother-centric subplot of Cisco and Dante was touching for the most part, but probably won’t lead to much else as I doubt Dante will make many more appearances. While Rupture didn’t make for the most compelling villain-of-the-week, he was still pretty cool to see on screen. The only thing that bothered me about this episode, and the series lately, is the inclusion of Iris West’s new found romantic love for Barry. It stills seems to have come out of nowhere, and only seems to be put in there to appease to comic book fans who may want to see the two together. Personally, I’d prefer if they just remained friends.

If you thought Barry was dead at the end of “Rupture” think again. It seems he’s only been transferred to another plane of existence, which is evident from The CW’s official trailer for next week’s episode “The Runaway Dinosaur”. The upcoming episode will also be directed by DC super fan Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats). Check out the trailer below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Rupture” in the comments.