Orphan Black, S4 Ep3, The Stigmata of Progress

This week Sarah’s actions are, understandably, centered around her recent discovery of the robot maggot in her cheek. (I’m stealing Alison’s description because I love it a lot.) Cosima and Scott do an ultrasound to get a better look, but there’s no way to really tell what it does without further study. After a quick stop by Felix’s place, where he refuses to ditch his newly found biological sister to be Sarah’s sidekick (more on the sister later), Sarah tracks down the guy from Club Neolution who showed her the robot maggot video.

He doesn’t know what the maggots are for either, but his personal theory is that, whatever their purpose, there’s a reason they’re implanted close to the brain. He can’t offer advice for finding MK (“You don’t find MK, she finds you”), but he does know the name of the guy in the video: Alonzo Martinez. Art is able to uncover that Alonzo went to a dental clinic specializing in implants, so Sarah heads over to check it out.

Orphan Black S4E3, Sarah and FerdinandOnce again Sarah is mistaken for Beth, this time by one of the clinic’s employees. The woman, Leslie, says that she’s done covering for Beth, and “they” know she’s been digging. But once Sarah tells her she’s been implanted with the robot maggot, Leslie agrees to help her remove it. I was a little surprised Sarah went along with it – that’s a lot of trust to place in someone she doesn’t know at all – but I guess when you’ve got a deadly robot maggot in your face, you’re willing to take some risks.

Leslie penetrates the device with a needle (or claims to, at least) then warns Sarah not to move, or it will erupt and release a fatal dose of toxin through the tendrils. And I was right to be wary of Leslie, as it turns out she’d been playing Beth, misdirecting her, and now she’s called her superiors. Luckily for Sarah, Ferdinand shows up, slices Leslie’s throat, and tells Sarah he’s gotten a message from Rachel that Susan Duncan is alive. Ferdinand claims to know a thing or two about bots, so hopefully he’ll be of further help to Sarah.

Speaking of Rachel, she’s still being held in the same location we saw at the end of last season, with mostly Charlotte as company. Also there is Ira, a new Castor clone that was raised by Rachel’s mother, who is helping Rachel with her recovery. I’m glad we’re finally seeing more of Charlotte, since I was disappointed we barely saw her last season. Given that Rachel initially seemed to be simply tolerating Charlotte, I was surprised when they worked together to get the message out to Ferdinand, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of the two of them together. Hopefully with less coughing up blood from Charlotte, please.

Donnie and HelenaOver at the Hendrix’s, Donnie and Alison are digging up that body in their garage, hoping to recover the robot maggot from Leekie’s cheek so Cosima can study it. Inside the house, there’s a sweet moment where Helena calls Sarah to tell her she’s pregnant with twins – between Sarah’s “meathead, that’s huge,” and Helena admitting she doesn’t want them to grow up like her, I almost teared up. But the moment’s interrupted by the doorbell ringing – and suddenly Helena has to pretend to be Alison, as investigators ask questions about the triple homicide at the garage. (Remember when Helena got the refund?) With a bit of help from Donnie, and then Helena amazingly somehow knowing all the names of people who helped Alison with her campaign, they’re able to satisfy the investigators for the time being.

Back to Felix and his sister – I was surprised he tracked down his biological family already. Somehow it didn’t occur to me while watching that she might not be who she claimed to be, and then I got online and saw the theories about her being a spy. For Felix’s sake, I really, really hope that’s not true. I don’t really have an opinion on Adele herself yet, but I loved Felix’s conversation with her where he talked about having a sense of his mom.

Finally, poor Kira’s feeling neglected as Sarah and the others still aren’t telling her what’s going on. And then she has a creepy moment later on where she’s just staring into space, and when she finally comes to, she tells Cosima about her dream where all the aunties set Sarah on fire. Sarah was changing, and they had no choice. I don’t have any theories yet about how this will fit in with everything, but it is another thing to add to the list of weird things about Kira.

A few quotes I loved, all from the comedic relief storyline of the week:

  • “Donnie, my sister has a robot maggot in her face. You tell me what the solid plan is.”
  • “Police. Living room. With Helena.” “For this?!”
  • “Anyway, one thing led to another, and I did shoot Dr Leekie and bury him in the garage –”
  • “You killed Aldus Leekie?” “Boy did I ever, yeah”

So, thoughts? Do you think Felix’s sister is who she claims to be? Theories about Kira’s dream? Ideas on why the robot maggots are implanted close to the brain? Leave them in the comments below!