Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep4 – Blood in the Streets

A genuinely thrilling chapter of Fear the Walking Dead this week, as our main characters get thrown into a major crisis and we finally get some backstory on the mysterious Strand.

Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep4 - Blood in the StreetsThe consequences of Alicia’s befriending a stranger on the radio finally came into play this week as a group of vicious mercenaries, followers of the opportunistic Connor, manipulate and bully their way aboard the Abigail, holding everyone at gunpoint and threatening to take over the vessel. Chris hesitated before shooting the new arrivals and he comes to regret his decision later on. Everyone is caught unawares and for the first time in the show, they have to use every ounce of resourcefulness and cunning they have to survive the ordeal. Even dealing with walkers is easy compared to what they had to contend with this week, proving, as is also the case in The Walking Dead, it’s the living that you have to worry about.

Travis and Alicia are taken away by Connor and his men and while the people left behind are about to execute everyone left on the boat, Nick and his new acquaintance arrive just in time to shoot down their foes. Luis is an associate of Strand’s who is meant to find him and bring him into Mexico. He was not expecting Strand to have a whole group of stragglers coming with them. But Strand will probably talk him into taking them one way or another.

Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep4 - Blood in the StreetsSome of the best scenes of an already solid episode were those that explored the life of Victor Strand before the world ended. His intriguing interactions with Thomas Abigail gave the character some depth and humanity. We also saw some of the events that led up to his taking this risky sea voyage. He became more than a cold and calculating sociopath, someone with genuine desires and weaknesses, and he was all the more fascinating for it. So it was great that Madison decided to rescue him at the end.

Hopefully, this isn’t the last we are going to see of Strand’s backstory because I’m sure he has more secrets and adventures that would make the show more interesting. It’s refreshing to have him given more depth and focus.

Fear the Walking Dead, S2 Ep4 - Blood in the StreetsNick also had some wonderfully enigmatic scenes in this episode as he wandered around a deserted camp site, nonchalantly covered in walker blood and guts. Now that he’s relatively free from his addiction, Nick is proving to be the kind of quality survivor Strand saw the potential for when they first met. So it makes sense that it’s Nick that he trusts enough to go on shore to look for Luis.

Now that the characters are presented with a grave and immediate threat in the person of Connor and his crew (worse even than walkers!), the cast of Fear the Walking Dead can finally step up. The show can also have a tighter focus and hopefully more tension and suspense. They’ve managed to raise the stakes in a zombie show and that’s a marked improvement. There isn’t time for moping and wallowing in existential angst when vicious, opportunistic humans are kidnapping members of your family.

The characters of Fear the Walking Dead are about to strike back and that will be some really interesting television to watch.

Next week on Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia and Travis plan to escape while the others plan their rescue: