Reign, S3 E11- Succession

"I am a queen, and a fighter, and a woman who will stop at nothing to save Scotland.”

“I am a queen, and a fighter, and a woman who will stop at nothing to save Scotland.”

Reign is back, Royals! For those that waited patiently for its return, you deserve all the gold and tiaras. Actually, as our reward, we’ve been given the gift of a season four. I know I’ve had my differences with this show, but I’m excited to see where it will head. We’ve passed the horrid Mary/Condè/Francis love triangle and witnessed Francis’ tragic, yet beautifully written death, and with Queen Elizabeth finally a main character – us Royals are ready for anything. Like Francis’ killer, perhaps?

Charles’ coronation has finally arrived. Seemed like only last year that I was recapping Francis’ and Mary’s. Because it was. Unlike Simba, Charles can totally wait to be King. The young teen definitely has worries about the big day. Fortunately with Mary and Catherine present, the near-future King won’t be an entire barrel of nerves. Typically the ex-queens of France aren’t exactly welcome to the coronations of other Kings and Queens. But it’s what Francis would have wanted. So Charles’ wish is her command. Catherine wants nothing but the best for her Charles’ big day. Let’s have an entire pig instead of pheasant, the finest wine, etc. The Merchant of Coin isn’t too happy about that, but we’ll get to him later. Both Mary and Catherine are having a hard time with this upcoming coronation. Francis practically just had his coronation, after all. The pair get themselves involved with other activities to take their minds off of it.

CSI Bash may be on the case, but it's Catherine that knows all. (Unfortunately)

CSI Bash may be on the case, but it’s Catherine that knows all. (Unfortunately)

For Mary, that means spending time with Gideon and his newly released daughter, Agatha. Gideon still makes it known that he would love to give a relationship with Mary a shot. To which Mary basically adds: “Never gonna happen.” Who are you kidding Mary, it will! Since Agatha has been in Elizabeth’s clutches her entire life, their father/daughter relationship is definitely strained. Mary saves the day by having the three of them attend the carnival outside, complete with camels and fun houses. She realizes that most of Agatha’s hesitation towards her father is because she’s afraid that she’ll be captured by Elizabeth again. Mary being her awesome self states that Elizabeth can’t lay a hand on her anymore – Mary won’t let it. Agatha takes her father’s hand and the building of their relationship begins! Props to Mary and Gideon by the way, for faking that relationship, as that’s the whole reason Agatha’s present.

Catherine, being Francis’ Mother, is obviously having a difficult time with her other son’s coronation. No parent wants to outlive their child. Christopher sneaks into her room for some needed love and attention (sex). Cat is way too distraught to do anything of the sort. Her lover doesn’t really understand this. She also can’t wear the same necklace she wore to Francis’ funeral tomorrow. Because it pains her to think of those memories, she tries to explain. Nothing. There is something not right with Chris.

Bash seems to think Christopher is a fine guardsman. He reports to Bash the witness of the Baker’s odd pleasure in killing the pigs. The Baker must be the serial killer that’s been roaming the castle. The boys investigate the Baker’s workroom to find the Merchant of Coin dead in a giant barrel of salt. (This prevents the body from rotting as quickly). All of the victims that were found below the dungeons contained salt on them. The Baker is immediately captured, and the case is finally solved. Not quite.

Christopher returns to Cat’s bedroom and it is then that she reveals her assumptions of him. He had no remorse for Catherine’s loss, and now has the key to the Baker’s workroom, she notes. Dude doesn’t let this play out long. Plus, he’s almost proud of the killings. Catherine can’t say a word and is for once trapped in someone’s clutches. If Catherine squeals or tries to kill Christopher, he has a letter prepared to reveal her involvement in Boinel’s abuse on Claude to make her regent. The following day, the innocent Baker is killed and Catherine is now stuck in a terrible situation. I say find the letter and burn it. Then happily poison Christopher. How long do you think Christopher will hold this against her? My guess is for the remainder of this season.

Speaking of poison, in England Elizabeth is trying desperately to find who poisoned her. Well that, and still get information from Lola about Mary. Because our lady won’t ever speak ill of Mary, Elizabeth has the gowns she gave her burned until she speaks. I get why this would be a terrible thing to do, but you gave her those gowns, Liz. The only one losing them is basically you. Lola may not come up with information that could be of use regarding Mary, but she does in terms of Lord William.

Along with one of Elizabeth’s ladies, she catches William in the act of having sex with a mistress donning a bright red wig – and moaning Elizabeth’s name. Dude has some major feelings for the Queen and is dealing with them in some unusual ways. Lola reports this to Elizabeth and the Queen is definitely grateful. Is it just me, or do I see a friendship forming between them? Elizabeth does some digging of her own and finds some shocking (not shocking to us) things about her favorite Lord William. Later, she confronts him on the news she’s found. He thought he was doing right by her; having these feelings and not acting on them. He’s married and it would be wrong in their society’s eyes. Except that didn’t give him the right to abort Elizabeth’s baby via poison. That’s right, he poisoned her. Are we really that surprised?  Will Liz ever trust him again? I doubt it.

"I'm glad you're here." "As am I."

“I’m glad you’re here.”
“As am I.”

Charles’ coronation is here and Mary is the only one that offers him the best piece of advice. With Francis’ handkerchief in hand, she advises he hold onto it firmly, so as not to let anything slip from his hands. Let’s have more scenes from these two please!

That might not occur, since it looks like Mary has to head to Scotland, ASAP! A Protestant by the name of John Knox is spewing obscene things about the queen, even going so far as burning a lookalike doll of her in Scotland. A marriage with Sweden’s King won’t work now. Mary has to go to Scotland now. Let’s just hope this will end well.
What did everyone think of Reign, 3.11: “Succession”?

3.12: “No Way Out” airs tonight, Monday May 2nd, at 8/7c on the CW. The trailer can be viewed below.

With Mary heading back to Scotland, what can she expect once she arrives?

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