These New ‘Scream’ Season Two Posters are to Die For

Scream S2 Emma

Scream for more Scream airing May 30th on MTV!

The residents of Lakewood probably thought the murders would just be a thing of the past, after Piper Shaw’s passing. Someone new has decided to don the Brandon James mask and commence the killing spree.

Trust seems to be the theme in the upcoming season, as we’ve seen with Scream‘s second season tagline of “Trust No One. Trust Us.” Which of these characters do we trust with our whole heart? Who should we turn our backs to?

Earlier this week MTV released promotional posters, one dedicated to each Scream main character. Each photo features a closeup shot of the character, with the Brandon James mask poking through a various facial feature. Personally, Audrey’s frightens me, because it’s a possibility she might actually be involved in the killings.

Each character poster can be viewed below. Which one is your favorite? I’m quite fond of Emma’s (Willa Fitzgerald). Hers almost brings a nostalgic element to it, reminding me of the original Scream films and thrillers like Final Destination.

For those that are in love with American Horror Story’s brief teasers, you might enjoy the 15-second teasers Scream has to offer about a bunny, a dentist, and a grinder.

Want exclusive photos from the upcoming season? Entertainment Weekly has you covered with four season two images. Damn Emma, back at it again with the final girl routine.

Scream‘s second season airs May 30th on MTV.

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