Castle S8 Ep19 – Dead Again

I gotta say, it’s an odd experience watching this show now that I know Beckett’s either going to be leaving at the end of the season (along with Lanie), or it’s going to get canceled. It doesn’t exactly improve things, strangely enough.

Honestly kind of surprised even mild-mannered Alan didn't punch Castle in the face at all. Dude got super-clingy and annoying this week.

Honestly surprised even mild-mannered Alan didn’t punch Castle in the face at all. Our boy got clingy and annoying this week.

Despite that, this episode was pretty decent. The murder this week was actually only attempted murder – three times. Once the poor safety inspector guy is poisoned with tetrodotoxin (like the kind of stuff in puffer fish), and Lanie pronounces him dead. But he wakes up. Then he gets electrocuted in his apartment, and Lanie pronounces him dead again. But he wakes up! And then – at the very end of the ep – he gets shot point-blank in the head, but only gets knocked out. No wonder Castle starts to believe he’s witnessing the origin story of a new superhero.

So while Castle tries to convince mild-mannered Alan to see what kind of powers he might be developing, Beckett & company try to find out who wants the guy dead. He’s made a lot of enemies, having shut down plants and fined a lot of people. But it turns out the mob as well as the Chinese Triad is interested in Alan, too. And why would that be? Because one of the chemical plants he fined is secretly working on synthetic heroin. Alas, cute and sweet Gwen, whom Alan had a crush on, is actually in on it. She’s the one who tries to kill Alan with a bullet to the head, when he taps into his superhero potential and goes back to the plant to “save” her. But somehow it glances off his skull, instead.

Oh, yeah, I suppose I have to talk about LOCKSAT, too. (Or LOKSAT. Whatever.) Vikram – did anyone else not miss him? – finds Caleb Brown, the shady lawyer, traveling under an alias. Blah blah Beckett thinks he used to be a good guy, blah blah they face off in her office, blah blah he admits he doesn’t want to be working for LOKSAT but still threatens her. And then he surprises them in the loft that night, giving them his way of being contacted by his LOKSAT master(s). So they have one shot to take down the bad guys! The bad guys that we all definitely care about a lot! If LOKSAT kill Beckett and that’s how the character dies, I cannot describe how not worth it her death will be. Also, all Castle & Beckett’s talk about how it’s time to make a big change is not reassuring.

They sort of seemed to come out of nowhere, but okay.

They sort of seemed to come out of nowhere, but okay.

On a less rage-inducing note, Lanie and Alan appear to have hit it off by the end of the ep, though she’s a bit frustrated by how many times she misdiagnosed his death. Heh. (By the way, this show better not push her off by suddenly having her be incompetent. Otherwise, more rage.)

So what did you think? Are you interested to see where the LOKSAT plotline is going, or not so much? Let us know in the comments.