Shadowhunters, S1 E13- Morning Star

Shadowhunters S1E13- "Morning Star"
Clary Fray, started as a mundane newly admitted art student. Now she's a badass shadowhunter.

Clary Fray, started as a mundane newly admitted art student. Now she’s a badass shadowhunter.

Season finales either do two things: 1) they wrap up all their story-lines and the episode itself gets that “series finale” vibe (in case the show doesn’t get renewed) or 2) it ends up on a cliffhanger and we have to wait another year for the answers. The Shadowhunters finale kind of does a little bit of both (which makes me glad the show got renewed for a second season). Jace and Clary were last seen viewing Jocelyn’s box for him (the J.C. Box). If Clary thinks a box filled with mementos and baby booties is going to suddenly make him feel so connected to their Mom, she’s kidding herself. Jace is more concerned that Valentine’s blood runs in him. I see where you’re coming from Jace, but don’t. You’re both good and evil; you get to decide which one you are. Tonight Jace has decided to give being evil a whirl. This isn’t going to end well.

"You can't like Magnus, Alec. Do you know how many 'Alec+Lydia 4ever' merch we made?!"

“You can’t like Magnus, Alec. Do you know how much ‘Alec+Lydia 4ever’ merch we made?!”

After the infamous “Malec Kiss” that we all gifed and squealed over, Alec’s Mom can barely look at him. She couldn’t care less that Magnus is a guy; but that he’s a downworlder with a very questionable reputation. The man himself later asks Alec if he regrets the kiss. He doesn’t exactly answer the question. But they’re too shocked to find Lydia knocked unconscious to really deal with their boyfriend drama. Alec burns a healing rune into her (most nifty rune ever! It seems like the shadowhunters are practically immortal) and the only word she can muster is “Hodge.” Perplexed by this, the gang immediately tries to view any security footage they can find from that room. Sure enough, there’s video proof of Hodge hitting Lydia and stealing the Mortal Cup. But Hodge wouldn’t betray them, right? Wrong.

"I don't know who I am anymore. There's darkness in me."

“I don’t know who I am anymore. There’s darkness in me.” Said every ’emo’ kid ever. That tattoo shop is calling your name, Jace.

Hot Hodge, what are we going to do with you? The ring from the demon in hand, Hodge is able to take himself and the Mortal Cup to the big bad Valentine! Hodge is officially a freeman and thanks for his constant servitude. But if he thinks Val is protecting him 100%, he’s nuts. Turns out, Valentine isn’t fond of him being both a traitor and friend to the Shadowhunters. Yet Valentine then asks him to bring his kids, Clary and Jace his way. I don’t get the guy either. With the Mortal Cup in his possession he’s able to turn mundanes into shadowhunters; or kill them. All it takes is to dip the Mortal Cup into a big container of red liquid (presumably blood) that instantly turns yellow. A sip later and Valentine’s army is assembling. Everyone should probably start running.

Back at the Institute, parabatai Jalec (Jace and Alec) gear up to take down Jace’s Dad. Clary just rolls her eyes at her boyfriend/brother’s need for revenge. Jace’s judgement is clouded, she states. But that doesn’t stop him from tracking down Hodge, thanks to Luke and his wolf pack. Once found, there are no civil words between the pair. The mentee takes down the mentor this time. So much so that Hodge walks out of that fight with one less hand; I’m not joking. Jace is about to finish him off right there, but Alec fortunately appears along with Luke. Jace may want to kill Hodge now, but he would definitely regret that, traitor or not. Is he going to kill every ex-Circle Member that comes his way? “Even our parents?” Alec asks. “They’re not my parents!” Jace angrily responds. Jace does have a point. As does Hodge, who was forced to never leave the Institute, while the Lightwoods got off completely free.

"I thought we had something special, Simon. But I guess I was wrong."

“I thought we had something special, Simon. But I guess I was wrong.”

Meanwhile, Clizzy and Simon are trying to convince Raphael that they can release Camille on the account that she might know where the Book of the White is. That’s a big fat “No,” but he gladly lets them look at her belongings. Seeing how they don’t have Raphael’s help the trio come up with their own plan to free Camille. The ol’ “stick Clary in a coffin” trick will work.

Once inside and Camille’s coffin has been located, they find she’s peacefully been dead this whole time. She’s a vampire, not a human. Camille wakes up before you can say “mundanes for dinner.” I am curious on the desiccation process for Shadowhunters‘ vampires. Had Camille stayed in there long enough, would she have turned into mere skin and bones? These are the questions I want answered for Season 2. Clary holds a seraph blade up to her throat and demands to know where the Book of the White is. After thinking of her favorite “customers”, Camille comes to the realization that Clary’s family friend, Dot, definitely gave it to her. Only two problems. One: it’s not at the hotel, but at her apartment on the other side of New York. Two: they have to sneak away from Raphael and his henchmen. You can’t casually sneak away from vampires, like they think.

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