Trust No One in this New ‘Scream’ Teaser

Any guesses who this year's Killer is? My guess: one of the new characters.

Any guesses who this year’s Killer is? My guess: one of the new characters.

Last year’s MTV Movie Awards were when we got the first official trailer of the then brand new series, Scream. This year, MTV released a short but sweet teaser of the upcoming second season of the slasher series.

Within this thirty second promo, we’re back on the dock during the epic finale showdown between the Killer, Piper, and Emma. “You psychotic bitch.” Then of course the most shocking moment of the season finale, Audrey burning letters from Piper Shaw. It’s left us with the ultimate question: what was Audrey’s involvement with Piper? Did she initiate any of the killings? Judging from this promo itself, there’s definitely more to the story than we know. Like this shot of a suspicious note, clearly left for Audrey?

One thing’s for sure: this season’s slogan couldn’t be more accurate. Trust Nothing. Trust Us.

You can view the “Trust Nothing” promo below.

I hope I’m not the only one that gets a chill down their spine by the way the cast’s voice-overs turn into the infamous Killer’s voice. It’s effective, but terrifying.

Scream‘s second season premieres Monday May 30th on MTV!

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