Castle S8 Ep17 – Death Wish

This week’s decently entertaining ep centers on the beheading of Lars Cross. He had just returned from a trip to Turkey to look for buried antiquities, and it seems he had discovered King Solomon’s tomb. This also included an artifact that looks suspiciously like Aladdin’s lost lamp. Castle is, of course, ecstatic at the idea that the lamp has been found. He immediately starts wondering which wish of Cross’s led to his downfall.

Seems that eight years of listening to your crazy theories doesn't make Beckett more willing to believe them, Castle.

Seems that eight years of listening to your crazy theories doesn’t make Beckett more willing to believe them, Castle.

No one else on the team believes in genies, of course. However, they do consult with a Dr. Baker at Hudson University, played by the delightful Denise Crosby (whom you might know better as Tasha Yar), who is an expert in the legends surrounding Solomon’s tomb as well as the magic lamp. She is a very recognizable guest star, so I guessed that we’d be seeing more of her than the scene where she tells Castle about the potential value of the artifacts in the tomb.

It turns out that Cross and his partner were financed by some shadowy figure in their excavation of the tomb, and that Cross smuggled the artifacts out of Turkey back to New York. The person who shipped them (who is repeatedly referred to by Castle & co. as “the shipper”, by the way, which is very distracting) isn’t the murderer, though. He ends up murdered, rolled up in one of his own Turkish rugs. Then Castle stumbles on the warehouse where the artifacts have been stored, sees a lamp, and grabs it. When one of the smugglers shows up right then and holds her gun on him, he frantically rubs the lamp and wishes she wouldn’t kill him – just in time for the mysterious blonde woman who seems to have been appearing and disappearing throughout the case to appear and knock the baddie out. Is she really a genie?

Inconclusive, by episode’s end. She has a driver’s license that names her as Genevieve (forgot the last name). She was hired by a mysterious Mr. X to protect the antiquities that Cross found. But when a Jordanian prince shows up at the end, he refers to her as “Genie” or maybe “Gennie” on his way out. Could she be? Heh.

In the end, our team discovers that it was Dr. Baker who killed Cross and the guy who shipped the artifacts. She had spent fifteen years looking for Solomon’s tomb, and was hugely jealous that Cross found it. Recognizable Guest Star Syndrome strikes again!

Our 12th Precinct family rejoicing at the safe arrival of its newest member.

Our 12th Precinct family rejoicing at the safe arrival of its newest member.

The other very important storyline this week: Ryan’s wife Jenny is almost at term. She ends up going into labor – and then after Dr. Baker is arrested, Ryan calls to say that there have been some complications. Espo, Lanie, Beckett, and Castle all go to the hospital to stand vigil, as they should. While they wait, Castle uses his last two wishes to make sure both Jenny and the baby are all right. It wasn’t ever in real doubt from a viewer’s perspective, but in the end, they are both fine. And just as Ryan promised back in season six, he and Jenny decide to name their newborn son after his partner: Nicholas Javier Ryan. Awww. Also, Castle tells Beckett he doesn’t need a genie, because he already has everything he could wish for. Awww. She’s even more satisfying than a working lightsaber!