WonderCon 2016: Interviews with the Cast and Creators of “Orphan Black”

We are only days away from the season four premiere of Orphan Black, which is set to air on April 14th, and the cast and creators recently sat down with us at WonderCon to share some of what we have to look forward to.

Kevin Hanchart, who plays Detective Art Bell, was excited that there is more Art this season, and says “the story just goes to a whole different level this year.” Co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson talked a lot about this season connecting back to season one: “We’re excited that season 4 is really looping back to the beginning where it all started, it goes back to that moment on the train tracks,” said Manson, “and reexamines a bunch of things that we found really interesting, but charged past, and you have to sort of ask in the season – what did Sarah miss?”

Fawcett added that it returns to the feel of season one as well, back when you didn’t know who the bad guys were or who to trust. “This season is much more fraught,” said Fawcett, “is darker, probably a lot more emotionally complex, and certainly has a number of reveals that will, I think, you know…” “Break the internet,” finished Manson.

They also teased a little about the new clone, M.K. (the one wearing the sheep mask in trailers), describing her as a mysterious character from Beth’s past who acts as an information source.

Last season for Donnie Hendrix was quite a roller coaster, as he and Alison juggled both her campaign and their new side job selling drugs, and according to Kristian Bruun, this year they’re just trying to get back to normal. Or at least, as normal as you can be when you’re still in the middle of a clone conspiracy. “Trying to get that quiet suburban life back is definitely going to be difficult,” said Bruun. “There’s no escaping the sisterhood, nor does [Alison] want to, she really cares about her sisters quite a lot. But it’s up to Donnie and her to try and keep that family separate.” Bruun also talked about having fun improving with Tatiana Maslany in scenes where she plays Helena, and revealed that there are some new Donnie-clone pairings to come that we haven’t seen before.

Jordan Gavaris, who plays Felix Dawkins, believes that this is their best season since season one. Like Fawcett and Graeme, he also compared the feelings of uncertainty, and not knowing who the villain is: “Neolution is a concept, not company, so neolution is everywhere and nowhere, which is part of what makes this season scary.”

Sadly, it also sounds like Felix and Sarah are hitting a rough path in their relationship. “He’s digesting what it means to be the real outsider in his family,” said Gavaris, “‘Cause so much of his relationship with Sarah hangs on the fact that they’re orphans, and they had that in common, but they’re not anymore.” Between her clone sestras, the Castor clones, and discovering her connections to Mrs. S and Kendall Malone, Sarah’s family ties continued to expand last season. “And I think he’s just working out what that means for him and his relationship with his sister, and if he can get from her what he needs,” Gavaris continued. “Or if he needs to find it elsewhere. They’re not doing so well.”

Don’t miss the season four premiere when it airs on Thursday April 14th on BBC America!