Who Can We Trust in this New ‘Scream’ Season 2 Promo?

scream may 30 s2Earlier last month, MTV finally announced the premiere date for the slasher TV series, Scream.

But on Friday, April 8th, MTV announced that, rather than a May 31st season premiere, Scream season 2 will arrive a day earlier, May 30th!

Along with the new date, our first taste of season two was shown in the  “Killer Cast” promo. It’s your standard and simple thirty second teaser, yet it’s perfectly chilling.

Starting with Emma Duval (Willa Fitzgerald), each returning cast member can be seen in a single shot against a black backdrop, some creepy lighting, and a line the character has spoken in the first season. In this show everyone’s a suspect or a victim. Hence why each cast member/character dons the now infamous Brandon James mask.

Time to start making your predictions for who the next Lakewood killer is. (Please don’t be Audrey, please don’t be Audrey.). Any ideas?

Scream may not air until May 30th, but check out the MTV Movie Awards tonight at 8/7c for a supposed first look into Season 2! Perhaps we’re going to get a full trailer?


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